County Supervisor Michael Ranalli Announces District 4 Re-election Effort

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 17, 2017 / comments


Today Michael Ranalli announced his intention to seek re-election to a second term of the Board of Supervisors in the June 3rd 2018 election.  “I have done my best every single day to represent District 4 and will begin the campaign process right after the first of the year”, said Michael Ranalli. “I hope to have earned your support to continue serving as your County Supervisor beyond 2018.”

Michael Ranalli further offered, “Unemployment in the North County has declined during my term, but needs to go lower. We need to increase the opportunities for business and agriculture. We need to make it easier for existing businesses to expand and we need affordable housing for our seniors and young adults seeking a rural lifestyle.”

Since his election, Ranalli has worked to successfully reduce the Traffic Impact Mitigation fees for his District and eliminate them entirely for homeowners who want to build a secondary dwelling unit (Granny Flat) on their property. 

According to Ranalli, “Secondary dwellings can improve the quality of life for multigenerational families with minimal impact on neighborhoods. Reducing the cost provides more options for existing homeowners and increases rural affordable housing for our county.”   

Public Safety has also been a priority for Ranalli who has worked with the Sheriff’s Office in the consolidation of scattered public safety functions into a new Public Safety Building.

“Often, increasing efficiency is more productive and less costly to the taxpayers than adding personnel”, said Ranalli. “By combining functions under one roof, we get better communications and a more efficient Sheriff’s Department.”

Ranalli has also worked with the Sheriff’s Office to have a resident Deputy on the Divide and led an enforcement strategy for large cannabis grows in residential neighborhoods while remaining sensible about citizens’ rights, voters’ decisions and federal law. 

Michael Ranalli is a familiar face throughout El Dorado County District 4. His in-depth understanding of the local regulatory environment and its impact on our rural community makes Michael the most qualified person to continue to represent taxpayers on the Board of Supervisors. He is currently Vice-chair of the Board of Supervisors, Vice-chair of the County Water Agency, Vice-chair of the County Transportation Commission, Treasurer of the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association, Vice-Chair of the Rural Counties' Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority, a Board Member of the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC),  an appointed member of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Chair of the Golden Sierra Job Training Agency, a member of the Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County, former Vice-Chair El Dorado County Community and Economic Development Advisory Committee,  and member and former officer of the El Dorado Wine Grape Growers Association.

Originally from a Western Pennsylvania steel town, Ranalli came to California in the late 1970s with private sector experience that consisted of 22 years with Intel Corporation and has lived in District 4 for over 33 years. Michael and his wife of 24 years, Colleen, live in Lotus and are wine grape growers.