Deputy Sheriffs Association of El Dorado County cast Another "NO" vote on E&G

by Placerville Newswire / May 18, 2016 / comments

Another respected local organization comes out in Opposition to ballot measures E & G as the Deputy Sheriffs' Association of El Dorado County recommends a "NO" vote.  They have joined El Dorado County Farm Bureau, the Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County, and the Alliance for Responsible Planning in opposing the special interest group sponsored legislation.

Law enforcement is not only about responding to crimes, but also in preventing crimes and the Employ Association of El Dorado County Deputies of the Sheriff's Department's impartial analysis concludes that Measures E&G will increase crime and recommend that voters say 'NO" to the measures.

The following is from the Law Enforcement Officers Association's statement:

"We have carefully reviewed Measures E and G, and have concluded they will have a significantly adverse impact on El Dorado County — a conclusion shared by local leaders representing business, agriculture, labor, education and water. 

An impartial analysis by the county concluded that Measures E and G could financially hurt "residents. homeowners and businesses," jeopardize local jobs and make our economy more "volatile." 

These two ill-advised measures open the door to countless lawsuits costing county taxpayers millions of dollars — draining revenue needed for public safety, schools, road improvements and other local services. 

Measures E and G would make our job protecting you, your family and your neighbors more challenging. 

We recommend a "NO" vote on Measures E and G. 

Sincerely, Todd Crawford, President Deputy Sheriffs' Association of El Dorado County"