Desolation Wilderness is Family Tradition

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 26, 2016 / comments

Susan Jackson standing on that rock at Tamarack Lake has become a family tradition at least once a year! 24 years and still going...  [The trail is a mixture of exposed granite sections to partially covered. Distance: 3.65 miles round trip. Elevation Gain: 500 ft. Hike Time: 2 hours. Difficulty: Moderate.]

Susan writes, "24 years ago I took my 7 month old in a backpack and dipped his tiny feet into Tamarack Lake in Desolation for the first 24 years later we hiked to the same rock and sat together enjoying he is encouraging me along the trail on days that are difficult for me to keep going...with his help I make it up the same trails I guided him each the same rock. Oh how lucky we are to live here! Gratitude!"

Jackson says that "I am 63 and have severe spine issues but I can stay home and be in pain or I can be outside where I am at least distracted by the beauty for a few hours. My son lends me a hand to get over rocks and carries all my water...without him I couldn't do it!"  She adds, "usually make it up a trail with determination rather then physical can talk yourself into a few steps at a time!"

Terry Cuyler responded, "Very wonderful. I'm 68 and my son encourages me and pushes me, too. I guess we started them out right, didn't we? I'll hike with you some time. I backpacked the Tamarack above Echo last summer. I'm slow but I love being out there like you."