Dollar General Store developer Speaks Up Regarding Georgetown Store

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 20, 2016 / comments


I am the developer of the Georgetown Dollar General project that has recently been continued by the El Dorado County Planning Commission a couple times. I’ve heard many rumors and false claims made about the project and would like to take a moment to discuss the events since the first hearing back on Dec. 10, 2015 and clear up how the project has progressed since that time. We have been working diligently on this project for over two years now and we feel with every day, we have produced a better project for the community.

Our project was approved by staff last fall and our approval was appealed by a couple local residents over concerns related to a crosswalk that would be put in to improve the safety of residents nearby.

In the time between the first and second hearings, as discussed in the first letter (all available in the public record), we went above and beyond to address the concerns of the commissioners. We once again reached out to the neighbors, stakeholders and county staff to make sure that all items were reconsidered and, if not addressed, further reviewed to make sure all options had been considered. We directly contacted neighbors to the project going back and forth extensively with the most directly affected neighbors to make sure what we were resubmitting was what would be acceptable to them. In the letters that have been submitted for public record, our willingness to be good neighbors has been steadfast.

Since that time, the second hearing occurred on Jan. 14, with a similar outcome to the first. A couple concerns were brought up and discussed including the look of the building elevations (as the missing commissioner from the Dec. 10 meeting was present and able to give his feedback), and concerns about the septic system that were brought forth by a resident from a neighboring area. County staff requested to revise the conditions of approval to formally add the crosswalk on Orleans Street that we had already added to the site plan due to the original reason for the appeal of our project’s approval.

In regard to the septic system, county Environmental Health staff engineer (who approved the supplemental septic system), discussed the system and the county and state regulations that govern septic system approval and installation at great length. His testimony seemed to put all the concerns to rest and he explained in detail how the system worked compared to a traditional system. In addition we have submitted an official response that is part of the public record.

To further address these new concerns from the commissioners, we have since revised the elevations of the building for a third time to address direction provided to us to make the elevation facing Main Street look more like multiple storefronts. Additionally, we have had a professional architecture firm that specializes in historical architecture review all elevations to ensure that they meet and exceed the guidelines of the Historic District.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that we have made every effort to take into consideration the needs and wants of all parties involved and want to be good neighbors. To the best of our ability, we have gone back to the drawing board to help make this a better project not only today but also for generations to come. We know that this store will be an asset to the community and we want to show how developers, neighbors and approving authorities can work together to create a great project for all.


President, SimonCRE