EDITORIAL: Prepare yourself, Trump is done!

by Placerville Newswire / Nov 09, 2020 / comments

Cris Alaron, Publisher - Conservative - "Sustaining Member of the Republican Party Since 1988"

Regardless of lawyering, it is done. The numbers are too high to change. If it was just NV or even just PA, it would be one thing, but several STATES would have to determine that Their OWN State vote needs to be redone. The Fed can do nothing, not even the SCOTUS can change this election. [In a case of very widespread systematic fraud the Fed can DISALLOW that State vote and then the State can decide if they want to do another election. The Fed cannot MAKE a State do an election. They may only withhold Fed assistance to States that DO NOT comply with Fed laws. The "State's Rights" exceed Federal Authority in voting.

The Congress itself must order a Special National Election revote and that would take a 2/3 vote of the HoR and a simple majority vote in the Senate. Uncharted territory historically.

ONLY the PEOPLE can reverse the results at this point in the election. It would take a VERY SIGNIFICANT civil revolt and new elections nationwide to change the results of this POTUS election. That just won't happen.

It is a technical issue. Some votes may be tossed out here and there but not enough to change the results.

If there are enough, that is grounds for a revote.... But a revote where... if not EVERY States?

A revote in only the States Trump lost is as slanted as a revote only in States that Biden lost.... That is just unAmerican! Like it or not, this vote will stand unless ALL States revote....

What we have is - what we have!  It is time to plan our comeback. As for this election, “You can put this one in the refrigerator. The door's closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard and the Jell-O is jiggling” as Chick Hearn would have said.

That is reality of fact - but fact is only part of politics. The "show" is an important part as that is one of the important ways that the public is engaged to hear candidates and then vote as informed voter.

Informed AT LEAST AS FAR AS... How a candidate will effectively and convincingly press for issues you want them to champion for you after they get elected. If that sounds like a sideshow of little significance you would be wrong!
An Intellectual will fall short, as will an Entertainer. It takes both a record of palatable past decisions as well as a "Presence" in a room. That "presence" is much more than just a "how will you vote on" as their vote is of no consequence if they cannot bring along a Majority of companion votes on any issue. It might serve as an "Act of Conscience" but otherwise, it is only a vote that Passes that has any consequence.

So the manifold manners of persuasion a Human has are often displayed in the competitive election process. How well a Politician can persuade voters to vote for them reflects how well that person will be able to persuade other members of the voting body they are part of to move to their position. A VERY important metric to judge any candidate.

In Example - If your candidate looks like a tired slob, likely they will have a hard time getting others to follow, but take the exact same message from a respected leader and it might take root. Same message delivered in a different manner.

So I take my candidate [as a Campaign Manager] to the links [if they are golfers] to get some SUN color on the face. Then off to the Spa for a full body massage, then to Nordy's for some fresh fitted clothes, then to the hairdresser for a fresh cut and set for the Photo Shoot....

A written position statement on any issue is only part of moving a political agenda ahead, Presentation is equally important.
That brings me to Trump...

His strong presence and having the record to support it, gives him the classic Bully personality. That Bully part of him is how he has managed to get so much done in a system resistant to quick changes [institutionally built in by our Founding Fathers that major decisions/changes take a lot of time to get done - like turn-over of SCOTUS Justices are in place longer than the normal political cycle making rapid major changes nearly impossible]

In D.C. Trump is the classic Bull in a China Shop. Running wild and doing great damage [to the status quo] in his efforts to "Drain the Swamp" of institutionalism in professional politics.
As we read in the Bible, there is a season for everything. 2016 was a Season to Crack the Whip and Change the old-ways.

Trump was the forefront championing that. As such, he gets the backlash....

History, and our own lives, are replete with examples of how the Enforcer of Rules is not liked by those that have the rules forced on them. It is a necessary, but unpopular task. The whip-cracker.

I had the stupendous occasion to see Trump at work many years ago [decades]. The Tower was going up but the Taj Convention Center was not done. So I was doing a Trade show that required that we move between the rooms at one hotel to the convention center at the next-door hotel passing by elevated walks through the unfinished Convention Center where our rooms were. One day I saw a man down on the convention floor Barking out orders and employees jumping to satisfy the "Boss."
That Boss turned out to be the "Don," Donald Trump, development magnet personally active in getting things done "NOW!"

There must always be someone to crack the whip to get things done and to get them done in a timely manner, but that person is seldom a popular "Boss." That is where Trump finds himself in 2020.

Just like a WWF Match, regardless of realities on the ground, the Show must go on. The positioning and talking points we see are part of the Show. A valid and useful part. It positions Conservatives to continue the fight and gives a vehicle [cause celebre] to continue the political fight that was "stolen" so Republicans must regroup, work together, and take back our country....

At least that is how I would spin it. Hey - We are the UNDERDOGS that were wronged. Americans love to side with the Underdogs - it is our nature going back to why we formed a new nation.
In one business management class decades ago I was taught that a "Secure manager newer believes his own Press Releases." Fight for the cause and use "we have been wronged" as a battle cry, but do not think we will be able to reverse this election result, regardless of what we say to the political Enemies, or even to our troops.

Advancing a Political Ideology like Conservatism or Liberalism is a continuous Battle, not a single fight. Like all battles many fight are won and lost along the way. We lost Trump but we kept Tom.
Now to get out there:explain the Conservative principles of Governance and why it is superior to other options. To Register new Republican voters, and then to "Get The Vote Out" during the election voting days.
This is not the end of the world! It is a normal set-back, regroup, plan, move ahead time.

And always keep this foremost in your mind for the next few weeks, how we treat Biden is of little consequence as he is an oldtimer Pol that has entrenched supporters, but how we treat the incoming V.P. will have a great effect on many voters in upco,omg elections if Gender or Race is an important issue to them.


The Republican Party learned in the loss of Goldwater that it does not matter how good your planned policies might be if you don't get elected. So Count the VOTES it takes to get elected - get those votes - then you can make policy. If you come up short on votes, you are a sideliner.

How we treat the female in the Historic win for a woman will have a great effect on future elections - as they are always about getting enough votes to win if we are to move the Conservative agenda ahead. Gender or cultural background has no place in our responses but a vigorous attack on bad policy positions is Gloves Off.

As far as that "We got robbed and will overturn it in court" thing, don't believe our own Press Releases but DO use this as a rally cry to motivate voters in 2 and 4 year election cycles. What can we do if we can't reverse the election results? Explain Conservative Principles to as many as will listen. Get them Registered to vote, keep contact with them, and then make sure they have anything needed to get their vote counted. That is the meat and bones of politics. The Show is for the actual Candidate's campaign.

We are the meat and bones of American Elections.

WE must act to win elections - the hard and time consuming part - friend to friend communication.

Lawyers have their part but they do not win or lose elections. Candidates and Voters do that. That would be "US" of course.

So motivate the troops, explain the Best was to govern, get new voters Registered, and then GOTV in elections.

That is how we will take back America. Trump may have been our Champion and our tool' but Taking Back America is OUR movement and we will move ahead with it regardless of losing a few warriors along the way.

This is an Ideological Battle and we have suffered a loss in this skirmish with one Warrior-Hero lost - but that will not stop us from Taking Back America - Election by Election.  

A message from the Founder of the Republican Party - and the man that gave his life in the cause of giving the right to vote to the Black citizens of this great country - 
“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” 
“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Cris Alacon, 11-9-2020.