EID Water Outage In Pollock Pines

by Placerville Newswire / Nov 15, 2017 / comments


We regret the inconvenience but due to an emergency water main break we are performing emergency repairs to the water system in the Pollock Pines area off of Pine Cone Drive. During this time you may experience low water pressure or a loss of water service.

If your water looks cloudy or dirty, do not drink it or use it for food preparation or personal hygiene purposes.

We anticipate completing the repairs by 8pm tonight, Wednesday November 15th.

When service is restored, you might experience a slight discoloration in the water or the presence of air in the system. To correct this, allow one outside tap to run for 5 -10 minutes until the water is clear or the air has escaped.

You may send an email to billing@eid.org or call customer service at 530-642-4000 should you have any questions.