El Dorado County Republican's Speak Up On State & Local Issues

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 31, 2017 / comments

[Terry Gherardi, El Dorado County Republican Central Committee]

The newly seated El Dorado County Republican Central Committee RCC, began the year by taking positions on proposed legislation and/or actions by local and state elected officials. Or, that which effects County residents and their families.

The first action from the RCC, was in response to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) vote to send a letter in support for two State bills: SB 1 and AB 1, increasing vehicle registration fees and also, tax increases for gasoline and diesel fuels. In their letter, the RCC asked that Supervisors rescind their support for the two bills that "particularly harm rural counties, the most, like El Dorado, because our residents have to drive more miles compared to that of a typical urban California family."

On the February 7th BOS agenda, Supervisor Michael Ranalli, raised the matter as a recommendation for the Board to reconsider its January 24th letters of support to Assemblyman Jim Frazier and Senator Jim Beall, authors of the Bills. By a unanimous vote, the Supervisors asked County CAO, Don Ashton, to take a "watch" position, as the two bills move through the legislative process, to be reviewed by the board at a later date.

On March 8th, after receiving letters from Sheriff John D'Agostini, El Dorado County RCC and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, the El Dorado County Office of Education Board, unanimously voted to approve Roseville based, John Adams Academy's request to locate a K through 12 campus in El Dorado County. Months earlier, the Buckeye Union School District denied a charter petition request for the campus, even though John Adams Academy was widely supported by families in the area and is in compliance with State education code.

John Adams was founded in 2010 and is fully accredited by the School Commissions of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is the only classical education, tuition free TK-12 school in Northern California.

Recently, the RCC was joined by the El Dorado County Unit of the California Republican Assembly signing a letter to Supervisor Michael Ranalli, requesting the BOS support a Resolution; Declaring That El Dorado County Complies With Federal Immigration Laws and Does Not Constitute A "Sanctuary" Jurisdiction.

A similar request, by the County Republican's was sent to the Placerville City Council, but this time requesting that the Council oppose Senator DeLeon's SB 54, to declare California a Sanctuary State. Decisions or actions by both the BOS and City Council are expected in the next couple of weeks.

At their meeting on March 13, RCC members unanimously voted to state their positions on several issues, including approval of letters to BOS Chairman, Shiva Frentzen and Patti Borelli, Chairwoman for the El Dorado County Transportation Commission, encouraging both County Supervisors and Transportation Commissioners to support AB 496, proposed by Assemblyman Vince Fong and co-authors, Assemblymen Kevin Kiley and Frank Bigelow, both who represent El Dorado County. AB 496, is for transportation funding in the State of California. RCC Chairman, Todd White, noted that "this plan ensures billions of dollars for California roads and infrastructure., without raising taxes on hardworking California families. AB 496 also ensures that money collected for transportation goes towards infrastructure, instead of being directed to the state's general fund.

In the same letter to the EDC Transportation Commission Chairwoman Patti Borelli, the RCC expressed their opposition to the EDCTC's recent support of Senate Constitutional Amendment 6, by Senator Weiner. In their letter the RCC stated, "We believe that by lowering the threshold for raising taxes proposes a dangerous precedence." Adding, "In a state already plagued by out-of-control irresponsible spending, making it easier to raise taxes is not an appropriate and/or sustainable solution for hardworking El Dorado County citizens." SCA 6 proposes to lower voter approval for new taxes from 66% to 55%.

The last letter approved by the RCC, was addressed to Governor Jerry Brown, expressing the committees support of Proposition 66, and their opposition to Briggs and Van De Kamp vs Brown lawsuit filed to block the implementation of Proposition 66, stating, "the RCC feels compelled to have their committees perspective with the Governor on the lawsuit, since one of the plaintiffs is Ron Briggs, a former elected official and resident of El Dorado County.

Voters approved Proposition 66 in 2016, and according to McGregor Scott, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California and co-chair of the "Yes" on 66 campaign, "Proposition 66 was passed by the voters because they are sick of lawyers who oppose the death penalty, constantly undermining the system with lawsuit after lawsuit." He added, "it is not at all ironic, and, is in fact a slap in the face to the voters, that their response to the passage of Proposition 66, was to file another lawsuit trying to thwart the voters.

Adding to the irony by the action of former County Supervisor Ron Briggs, is that his father, Senator John Briggs, sponsored the State Death Penalty Law as a 1978 ballot measure.

In a final action at their March meeting, the RCC voted unanimously to authorize Chairman Todd White and District 1 member/delegate, Joy Knight, to sign a Resolution to support House Joint Resolution (H.J. Res. 61), referred to as the "Flag Amendment," which would amend the Constitution to provide: "The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.

Additionally, the RCC resolved to support the effort of the Citizens Flag Alliance, a coalition of veterans,  civic, businesses and fraternal organizations, to achieve adoption of the Flag Amendment, H.J. Res. 61 in the 115th Congress.

The El Dorado County Republican Central Committee is an elected body of the California Republican Party. Each of the County Supervisor Districts has anywhere from 2 to 6 elected or appointed representatives who serve Republican's in their District. More information is available on the County Party's website.