The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Team of Active Retirees

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 26, 2016 / comments

[Back: Donna Sutton and Mary Pratt Front: Lesley Slattery and Jack Pratt]

A former mortgage broker, Bill Wisdom now spends his days in crime prevention. He’s one of more than 100 volunteers in the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Team of Active Retirees (S.T.A.R.)  program, which serves as an auxiliary arm of the sheriff’s office to help patrol the community, provide public assistance and keep neighborhoods safe. “We don’t do actual law enforcement—that’s the job of the sheriff’s deputies, but we serve as additional eyes and ears for the sheriff’s office,” Wisdom says. “We patrol the community, provide a visible police presence, and if we see something that requires law enforcement intervention, we call it in.”

Launched in 1994, S.T.A.R. was modeled after similar programs around the country that have repeatedly shown the value they bring to communities, primarily in helping law enforcement agencies save money and be more efficient.

A typical day for a S.T.A.R. volunteer could involve several “vacation checks,” wherein homeowners have asked the sheriff’s office to check on their properties while they‘re away. While on patrol, volunteers also drive through school parking lots, patrol shopping areas of neighborhoods that have requested a more visible police presence, assist motorists, and provide traffic and crowd control for public events or emergency scenarios...

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