El Dorado County Sheriff's Office Gives Shout Out to what some might think is a Bum

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 17, 2016 / comments

A heartwarming post on the EDSO page showed a man that was acting in a way in the Safeway parking lot that caused the Deputy to question his actions.  Some people might see a bum or a homeless man, but that is not what this El Dorado County Deputy saw on a warm Sunday afternoon.

The deputy reported, "While on patrol today I watched this gentleman as he walked through Safeway parking lot picking up trash. After he had a pocket full he dumped it in the trash. I felt compelled to meet this gentleman and thank him for his community service. After introducing myself to Keith, I asked him why he was picking up trash. Keith simply replied, 'because it’s the right thing to do.' You might see Keith around the Cameron Park area. If you do, give him a wave or a thank you for his community service, as well as his service to our country."

Keith Lozier of Cameron Park, is a Navy veteran.

The EDSO added, "If you every get a chance stop and say hi. He's a funny guy."

Judi Ann Adams wrote, "When I worked at Little Caesars, he would come in and say hi, ask about our day. He is such a sweet guy!"

Marshall Peterson said, "Nice job Keith...a man not to proud to do what it takes to do his part in his community."

Thank you EDSO for the shout out for Keith, and especially thank you Keith for being an inspiration.