El Dorado County Sheriff's Office issues Warning of Child Sex Predators and the Internet

by Placerville Newswire / May 04, 2018 / comments

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If you needed a reminder about being safe on the internet, this article should do it. You may see California mentioned? There was at least one child (under 10!!!) who received a letter from this suspect who lives in El Dorado County. As parents and leaders, we harp on our children to be careful with the information and photographs they post. We also need to be aware of what information WE are posting about our children which could possibly endanger them.

A couple safety tips when it comes to social media. Make sure your social media accounts are set to private. It is very easy to do and located under your account settings, usually under the "Privacy" tab.

Don't "friend" or "add" anyone that you do not actually know. It is not difficult to make a fake account and people, like this, do it to access your photos and information.

DO NOT put personal information in public posts. No phone numbers, addresses, locations you plan to be or location of your children. That thief may recognize you and know when you are on vacation. That pedophile may learn information about your child.

Lets keep our families safe and be aware of the information that we put out there!!! 

-- Story: Officials: Parents should check mail after PA man sends 'sexual' letters to children

"HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WTRF/WBRE) - According to police in Pennsylvania, a man who kept officers at bay for more than five hours Monday afternoon has been linked to an internet pornography scheme crossing at least 22 states and several countries.

Joseph Polin, 46, was found dead inside a home at 305 East Elm Street Monday afternoon, hours after shooting at Hazleton Police Officers.

The autopsy shows that Polin died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Investigators say that Joseph Polin was reaching out and making contact with young girls from around the United States and ...

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