El Dorado County Supervisor Brian Veerkamp, "2017 - Almost a wrap"

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 21, 2017 / comments

[Brian Veerkamp, PRpond]

As the first year of our second term comes to a close, we take a moment to reflect on some of the progress we've made during this year in our great County. 

-- We finalized our Strategic Plan and we are working the plan. 

-- We experienced the biggest weather season in years, so much damage! The County has responded to the best of our capacity and the repairs are being done systematically and as quickly as possible. 

-- With a focus on tree mortality, our dedicated staff and Supervisors have worked collaboratively with multiple agencies to remove dead and dangerous trees, and the effort continues.

-- We developed a new civil Cannabis process. Growing in violation could result in fines that compound if not corrected and paid. If the fines are not paid, the amount continues to compound and could be assessed/liened to property tax statements. 

-- After more than 10 years of public meetings, review/revisions and more review/revisions, we passed our new Biological Resources Policies! 

-- The bike path between the Missouri Flat Rd and Forni Rd exits on Highway 50 is finished! Watch for a ribbon cutting early January and recognition of someone very special to District Three!


Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours, we wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday season. 

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D-3 Road Repair Updates

Fort Jim Rd. Press Release:

FORT JIM ROAD CLOSURE STARTS THIS WEEK FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Carla Hass November 28, 2017 Phone: (530) 621-4609(PLACERVILLE, CA) – El Dorado County Department of Transportation (DOT) today announced it will fully close Fort Jim Road at its westerly intersection with Newtown Road starting Thursday, November 30th, to construct permanent roadway repairs at South Fork Weber Creek. The full closure will remain in place for approximately 6 weeks, depending on weather. Fort Jim Road was closed on January 5, 2017 after storm driven flows from South Fork Weber Creek damaged a 96" diameter culvert and washed out material around the culvert, causing the road to collapse. After flows in South Fork Weber Creek receded enough to allow DOT to evaluate the damage, DOT implemented temporary repairs that allowed Fort Jim Road to be reopened on April 19. “After the worst winter in 20 years and the massive failure of Fort Jim Road as a result, we made temporary repairs to allow residents to travel the road safely for a period of time,” said DOT Director, Rafael Martinez. “It was always with the understanding that another closure would be necessary for a permanent repair, which we communicated to the public, and we’re at that point today.” The permanent repairs will feature a 22' wide, 9' tall precast concrete bottomless arch culvert with precast concrete headwalls. Funding for the permanent repairs comes from Federal Emergency Management Agency, California Office of Emergency Services, and El Dorado County. Motorists wishing to use Fort Jim Road to travel to or from Placerville during the closure will be detoured to Newtown Road. The full closure of Fort Jim Road may extend through winter and early spring if flows in South Fork Weber Creek increase such that the permanent repairs cannot be constructed safely.

Newtown Road:

The design is nearing completion with plans to begin construction in the spring. We need to finish the Fort Jim repair first and will need more predictable weather before starting this major project. 

Starkes Grade:

 The road failure east of Campini Ranch is currently out to bid. Construction to begin in the spring.


Mosquito Rd Bridge: The environmental document has been certified and the geo-tech work has begun. 

Greenstone - Oakhill - Hanks Exchange are all in design with an anticipated construction year of 2019-2020.




What will we be working on in the coming year?

There are many areas that will get our attention in 2018. They include but are not limited to:

1. Camino Safety Project

2. Eastern Placerville/Camino Traffic Congestion

3. Exploring the idea of Tourism Districts

4. Park property in Diamond Springs/El Dorado

5. Phase 1 of the Diamond Springs Parkway

6. MC&FP Phase 2

7. Traffic congestion around schools

8. South Fork Cohesive Strategy/bio facility in Camino

9. Proactive vegetation management program


Yes, it will definitely be a busy year as we continue to focus on and strive for the "Gold Standard of Public Service," Brian Veerkamp.