El Dorado Hills resident Jason Kraus announces U.S. Senate Run

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 25, 2016 / comments

El Dorado Hills resident Jason Kraus has announced his intention to run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Barbara Boxer.

The candidate vows to “replace, reclaim and restore America one voice, one vote at a time.”

“I am offering to serve the wonderful residents of California in the greatest country in the history of man,” Kraus, 45, said. “Our schools, our state and our country are in trouble. We cannot stand quietly aside awaiting others. We must step into the fray, into the fight. I am here to provide the truth, facts and an example of service. I have not and will not accept any campaign contributions. Everything is on my time and my dime. I will not accept a salary if elected. Service is voluntary. No one needing to be paid should ever be holding a service based office.

“Because my allegiance is to America, I have registered under No Party Preference,” Kraus continued. “Finally I will only serve one term. The country is screaming for term limits. This can be provided by individuals who have strong ethics, not weak egos, who will willingly remove themselves from office after their term has expired.

“We must dissolve the bands of corruption tying the American individual to a party rather than a people. We aren’t Democrats or Republicans. We are Americans bound by centuries of freedom, the rule of law and the pursuit of happiness,” he concluded.

Kraus said he believes America’s problems “are of our own making and it will be us who must reclaim, restore and show respect to the American Dream known as freedom.”

To do this, he outlined, “We must understand how we arrived at this time in history. Our problem has been the generational theft by politicians of the Boomer Generation, who inherited the largest transfer of wealth ever and then turned us into the largest debtor nation in the history of mankind. From Clinton through Bush to Obama, America and Americans have been abused and told promiscuity, drugs and debt are ‘living in the now’ or as the children were abhorrently taught by a reckless generation say today: ‘YOLO’ or,’You Only Live Once.’ This ends now.”

Kraus said leadership is predicated upon ethics.

“Ethics are found in the American individual adult providing the correct standards,” he said. “We lead by example.”

The tenets of Kraus’ campaign include closing the border and the removal of income tax to “free the American worker.”

Kraus is a California business owner, former sheriff’s deputy, counselor of troubled youth and author of “Late Bird.” He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and writes a regular column covering the problems in today’s America at aleadernotapolitician.com.