El Dorado Rose Applications Available Now

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 03, 2017 / comments

[El Dorado Rose Corporation]

The El Dorado Rose Corporation is looking for Rose candidates to vie for the 2017-18 title. The El Dorado Rose is selected during a contest held at the El Dorado County Fair in June.

Candidates must be at least 60 years of age, have lived in El Dorado County for at least 10 years and have a portfolio of volunteer service to the community.

There is a vintage closet available to individuals who desire help with costumes for the Rose Ball, receptions, the event at the fair and events throughout the year.

Clubs, groups, businesses or individuals are invited to sponsor a candidate to participate in this year’s festivities and to honor her for contributions to the community.

Individuals or organizations needing an application and further information should contact Judy Tapson at (530) 677-8098.

The El Dorado Rose and her court serve as ambassadors for El Dorado County and attend and participate in many fun and exciting events including the Wagon Train and the California State Fair.

El Dorado County has received not only local but state and national recognition for the El Dorado Rose Pageant.