El Dorado Sheriff Gets his Man, and Another, and Another, and Another...

by Placerville Newswire / May 10, 2016 / comments

[by Cris Alarcon] For over 150 years El Dorado County with Old Hangtown at its center was known for swift justice.  Not just swift justice, but Community justice.  In the '70s Opal Sadler, former owner of Poor Red's told me that years earlier Red, the then Sheriff, and other Masonic Lodge Brothers would meet in a Tiled Lodge in El Dorado to discuss local troublemakers and how they would "take care of them."  But to her irritation one notorious troublemaker was found dead by morning next to the BBQ & Bar so she had to call the "Boys" to drag the body up to the cemetery before sunrise!

Law has more order, rules, and regulations today but the El Dorado County Sheriff and the community still work closely together to solve local crime and to "take care of" the troublemakers.

The sheriff has moved into the electronic age and has a busy website on Facebook. "Our criminals have been expressing their dislike of our Facebook postings in relation to the crimes they have committed. They have used words expressing their dislike in terms that are inappropriate to post on Facebook. Our community and Facebook followers have been a great resource in catching these 'bad guys'" wrote the Sheriff's Office recently.

In the last few days we see how well this partnership works as the Sheriff hauls in a series of troublemakers with the help of a great staff augmented with a community that works with law enforcement for the community's mutual benefit.

Last Thursday, El Dorado County Sheriff Dispatch received a phone call from Safeway Supermarket on Missouri Flat Road regarding someone attempting to pass a counterfeit 100.00 dollar bill. The man who attempted to pass the bill was later seen running from a separate nearby business and getting into a U-Haul van. A community witness was able to get the license plate number from the van then relayed this to our 911 dispatchers. After running the plate number EDSO found that  the U-Haul van had been reported stolen out of the Sacramento area earlier. Soon watchful deputies spotted the stolen van while checking the vicinity. The deputies then called in backup and followed the van to the Red Hawk casino. The suspects were met with a show of force in the secured parking lot and the two men occupying the van who were taken into custody without incident.

Two dangerous out-of-town criminals taken off the local streets by effective police tactics and a watchful community.

Lucia Rothged woke up Mother’s Day morning to find her purse and cars keys stolen from inside her house. She also discovered her new van missing. A short time later one of our deputies saw the van in Shingle Springs with two people inside of it. The van sped away before the deputy could turn and catch up to it. A little later, while checking the area, the Deputy discovered the van had apparently crashed through a gate, through a fence, down an embankment, through a stack of pipes, and then into the side of one of our local businesses. The two people inside were gone.

On Sunday Sean Barclay was seen by Deputies driving the stolen vehicle. Deputies turned around in pursuit and attempted to stop Barclay, but he fled in the car and crashed a short distance away. Barclay left the crash location on foot and was not located. 

So the Sheriff went back to the community to ask for help and leveraged Social Media via the EDSO's own Facebook website.  "Help us put this thief behind bars" said EDSO.

Community member Stacy Keith Catrambone asked "Where did he crash and bail?"

El Dorado County Sheriff's Office replied, "Shingle Springs near Sunset Lane. We think he is hiding in El Dorado Hills or the Cameron Park area."

Soon the EDSO had leads including one that said, "This (piece) of trash is usually next door *** lane, Placerville he was there yesterday"

By leveraging Social Media the Sheriff had enlisted the help of 10s of thousands of networked community members.  Later that day the first suspect was found and arrested.  Before mid-day on Monday the second suspect was located and arrested.

The EDSO wrote:

"Thanks to your help, Sean Barclay was taken into custody this morning. Jeffrey Holmes was taken into custody yesterday in relation to the same case... Lucia got her purse back which still had her wallet and cash."

Two more dangerous criminals taken of our streets by an effective Sheriff and a helpful and informed community.

But the EDSO did not sit on those laurels on Monday as they went right on to drag more criminals off the locals streets.

Monday afternoon EDSO received a call of possible thieves in a supermarket in El Dorado Hills. The thieves left before deputies arrived, however, deputies received a description of the pickup they left in. 

One of our responding Deputies saw the pickup and recognized it as a vehicle that was possibly associated with another theft from a store in the area. 

The pickup, which turned out to be stolen, was stopped. 

We found methamphetamine, heroin, and stolen property inside. Three people were arrested, one of which had a felony warrant for his arrest. 

"We again want to thank the community for their help," wrote the EDSO.

Three more dangerous criminals taken of the streets by the effective partnership between the Community and Law Enforcement.

But the day was not done and niether was law enforcement.

On Monday EDSO Posted to Facebook: "-Need Help Locating-" an associate of recently arrested Sean Barclay. 

"Caleb Bradshaw is currently running from Law Enforcement as a Parolee at Large. Caleb was last seen this morning with Sean Barclay. EDSO was able to capture Barclay with our Facebook followers help. During the Barclay capture, Bradshaw jumped from a second story and fled the area. Help us get this guy off the street! He was last seen in the Placerville area off of Greenwing."

By midnight the Sheriff had his man! "Caleb Bradshaw In Custody" announced the EDSO just about 6 hours after asking the community to help locate the dangerous criminal.

"A special thanks to our loyal Facebook followers. The Sheriff's Office was able to catch Caleb Bradshaw while he was attempting to flee the county and to elude justice. Bradshaw was stopped on Highway 49 before the county line and taken into custody. Another crime spree put to an end thanks to our dedicated followers."

"Awe, they don't like their FB Fame?! Too Bad!" wrote community member Joan Barker after the Sheriff said, "Our criminals have been expressing their dislike of our Facebook postings in relation to the crimes they have committed."

The EDSO can be found on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/eldoradosheriff/