ER Physician in South Lake Tahoe Recognized as Doctor of the Year

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 01, 2017 / comments

[Molly Hucklebridge Coolidge, Barton Health]

South Lake Tahoe, CA – The votes have been counted and Lance Orr, MD has been named Barton Health’s Doctor of the Year.

Dr. Orr is a board-certified emergency physician and medical director at Barton Hospital’s Emergency Department. He is considered a “physician of all trades” and is currently acting as Barton Health’s interim Chief Medical Officer.

The Doctor of the Year is determined by who receives the most votes from Barton Health’s staff and physicians. Colleagues described Dr. Orr as “one of the most fair-minded, dedicated, and compassionate doctors.” He is an “excellent and compassionate emergency physician” and “his skills as a physician in caring for patients are second to none!”

Barton Health’s Doctor of the Year was revealed Thursday, March 30 on National Doctors Day. Dr. Clint Purvance, the CEO and President of Barton Health, announced the winner.

“Dr. Orr is highly skilled as an emergency physician and consistently a patient advocate,” said Dr. Purvance. “He is always willing to take on extra tasks where he can be beneficial to patients and Barton Health.”

This is Dr. Orr’s eleventh year as an emergency physician for Barton Health. He worked at the Emergency Department since August 2006.