2nd annual Mission to Honor Veterans

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[Mission to Honor Veterans]

Grass roots campaign to bring the War Memorial experience here to our local veterans who are unable to travel to D.C. to view the memorials in person.

Friday, May 14, 2021 at 8 AM PDT – 3 PM PDT

Price: Free · Duration: 7 hr
Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook
2nd annual Mission to Honor Veterans.

Details: https://fb.me/e/TH7r18dr

Spirit of Benny Fun Run and Walk

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SUNDAY April 4th AT 8 AM PDT – 5 PM PDT

Event by The Spirit of Benny

Online: thespiritofbenny.org

Price: Free

Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

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PLACERVILLE, Calif. "Take time to recognize a Vietnam Veteran today for their extraordinary service and sacrifices. 
We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude for their heroic actions during the Vietnam War." 
-- U.S. Army Chief of Staff James McConville

Well-Known Virginia City "StinkE" dies at 70

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[Placerville, Calif, 3-28-21, Cris Alarcon, Images by Liz Huntington and Johnny Atoms]

StinkE and his donkey Bernadine were fixtures on the streets of Virginia City.

He was a "stinky old friggin' prospector" - hence his name - StinkE.

"I got her from the BLM," said "StinkE." 

"They picked her up near a highway where other burros were hit and killed." 

Stinke's burro, "Bernadine" is being boarded and is cared for well.

Mata Lekka-Valkana writes, 

Short Range Weather Prediction Discussion - Be Prepaired

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Heat to Continue or increase due to High Pressure