Fall foliage is peaking in the high Central Sierra and in the Mother Lode foothills

[GUY MCCARTHY, Union Democrat]

According to the El Dorado County-based nonprofit Sierra Forest Legacy, aspen in the Central Sierra are medium-sized deciduous trees that shed...

Christine Lyckholm, a resident of Lodi, started out Friday wanting to hike somewhere near Sonora Pass, but when she saw brilliant fall colors coming off stands of quaking aspen next to Deadman Creek she changed plans and started taking photos.

“I hike here in the spring, summer and fall every single weekend,” Lyckholm said about 1 p.m. in the Chipmunk Flat area below Sonora Pass, next to Highway 108 in the upper Stanislaus River watershed and Tuolumne County. “Either here in Sonora Pass or Yosemite. And this right here is so beautiful. I think this is the prettiest highway in the state.”

Lyckholm said she loves to watch the aspen change because it’s the start of the transition for so many other Central Sierra plants that change colors in the fall...