Folsom Lake levels 10 Feet Higher than Last Month

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 04, 2016 / comments

Water experts say Folsom Lake will keep rising due to snowpack melt

Folsom Lake is 10 feet higher Sunday as compared to a month ago.

"I have seen it go from Desert Folsom to Lake Folsom," said Stacey Nieporte, who was visiting the lake Sunday from El Dorado Hills.

Folsom Lake now stands at 439 feet deep -- that's 110 percent of the historical average for this date, according to the California Data Exchange Center at the Department of Water Resources.

There is now much more water to enjoy for enthusiasts like Mark Wilson, who just bought a jet ski two weeks ago to take advantage of the rising lake levels.

"I wouldn't have bought it if we didn't have the rain we had this year," Wilson told KCRA 3. "So it was a deciding factor."

The purchase of new equipment for the water signifies extra sales tax revenue for California's coffers. It also means more people are likely to travel this year to spend time on the lake.

"Last year when I came it was like super muddy and there was no water at all," said Sophia Watson of El Dorado Hills. "And so it's really nice to be able to come here and go boating and be able to hang out at the lake."

The lake levels were so high Sunday that water was lapping up against the tires of Elli Norton's Jeep in the parking lot. She told KCRA 3 it's a big difference from last year.

"So there was no water here at all," Norton said. "So if I parked there it wouldn't have been in the water."

"I didn't recognize it," Stacey Nieporte told KCRA 3. "We were coming down here to see the dock and can't even see the dock. It's overflowing. The parking lot is full of water."

El Dorado Hills resident Izzy Mick said, "When I moved here it was really low down. Now it's hecka high and this is the first time I've seen it since. And it's crazy because I'd be parking over there, now the water is under -- submerged.

Ducks and other wildlife flocked to Folsom Lake Sunday, which is now a half-foot higher than Saturday. Tom Kosik of Folsom was busy engaging in a furious game of catch and retrieve with his black Lab, Dora.

"The lake was dropping down, now to see it back up over the parking lot she's able to run, this is every day -- it's beautiful," Kosik said.

California's snowpack is starting to melt in the mountains, creating runoff into Folsom Dam and other reservoirs so critical to California's water storage system. The higher water levels are perfect for paddleboarding or going on a kayak adventure with the family dog.

"I don't have to haul my kayak a mile out to get to the water, so that's a plus," said Ramon Lopez of Placerville.

With Folsom Lake continuing to rise daily from melting snow, state water experts predict that California's reservoirs will stand at about 90 percent of average this summer.

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