Forebay Dam Project - Update - Construction Resuming in April

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Construction activities will be resuming for the 2nd year of the three-year planned Forebay Project. 

Notice - Forebay Project Construction Scheduled to Resume April 2018

This is notification that the El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) plans to resume construction for the El Dorado Forebay Dam Modification Project (Project) in April 2018.

As required by the California Division of Safety of Dams and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Project remediates the El Dorado Forebay Dam and its associated facilities to meet current dam safety requirements. By constructing an earthen stability buttress on the dry side of the dam, raising the dam 10 vertical feet, and upgrading the surrounding facilities the Project will satisfy specific regulatory mandates while also improving the reliability of the drinking water system and minimizing impacts to EID ratepayers through increased hydroelectric revenue.

Implementation of the Project will likely inconvenience local area residents, the community, as well as visitors and tourists who utilize the Forebay day-use areas. In an effort to help minimize any inconvenience, EID is providing this notification to keep local residents informed of Project activities and provide information on how interested parties can stay informed.

A few key points regarding Project activities planned for 2018:

  • • Construction activities include excavation and hauling of earth material from the borrow area to the dam for construction of the new stability buttress and work on associated dam structures (e.g., spillway, penstock).
  • • From October – December 2018, the reservoir will be dewatered to facilitate construction activities at the reservoir inlet canal, drinking water intake, and penstock intake structure.
  • • Timber harvest will occur around the reservoir and in the primary borrow area to ensure sufficient fill material is available to construct the new dam embankment.
  • • The Project area, including El Dorado Forebay Dam day-use areas, will remain completely closed to the public during construction activities and timber harvest.
  • • Traffic control and temporary lane closures may be necessary to safely conduct construction activities in the vicinity of the El Dorado Forebay Dam and surrounding areas.
  • • Construction equipment, logging trucks and other work vehicles will be crossing and entering the roadway at various locations around the Project area including Pony Express Trail, Forebay Road, Polaris Road, and Drop-off Road. 

For additional information, please visit the project webpages.

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