Former Supervisor Ron Briggs enters Recorder-County Clerk-Elections-Veterans elected office

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 13, 2017 / comments

[Ron Briggs]

Briggs believes his eight years as a county supervisor prepared him to become the head of a very important department. Briggs said “during my eight years as supervisor the Board balanced every budget and I left  the county debt free with just under $40 million in cash in special revenue accounts, contingencies and reserves. “

Briggs stated his "love of the county and desire to serve the public drove him to making the decision.” He further said “My eight years as County Supervisor was filled with a multitude of accomplishments impacting the public in beneficial ways. I want to continue the hard work of Bill Schultz’s and his policies to be fully automated and on line in within the next couple of years.” 

Finishing Briggs said: “I really enjoy helping others.”