Four EDUHSD recognized as "Administrators of the Year"

by Placerville Newswire / May 26, 2020 / comments

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Association of California School Administrators Announce Region 2 Administrators of the Year

The El Dorado Union High School District (EDUHSD) is proud to have four administrators honored as this year’s regional Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Administrators of the Year. Paul Neville (Principal, Union Mine High School), Donald Azevada (Assistant Principal, Oak Ridge High School), Joyce Walker (Nutrition Services Supervisor, Oak Ridge High School), and Serena Fuson (Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, EDUHSD District Office).

Paul Neville, Principal, was recognized as the Silver Star Winner for Secondary Principals. Creativity, Innovation, and follow through are key character traits for Mr. Neville. He has worked tirelessly to have “high expectations and unwavering support” for the students of Union Mine High School (UMHS). Under his guidance, the enrollment on the UMHS campus has grown and families from throughout the District have elected to commute to the school. Mr. Neville’s decision-making is centered on the belief that all students can learn. He spends countless hours evaluating data from a variety of sources to identify areas of success, concern, and improvement at UMHS. Mr. Neville supports the growth of his staff and works to help each of them attain their goals. He strives for effective teacher effectiveness and works tirelessly to support teachers in their endeavors. Mr. Neville exhibits his personal code of ethics in quest to always improve. As a former coach, he is no stranger to hard work, continual practice, and teamwork. Over the last two years with Mr. Neville’s support and leadership, UMHS hosted the District-wide Unified Sports Track and Field event. Mr. Neville’s vision in bringing the program to UMHS has truly become a way of encouraging kindness and inclusion that has spread campus-wide.

Donald Azevada, Assistant Principal, was recognized as the Secondary Co-Administrator Region 2 Administrator of the Year. Mr. Azevada models the highest levels of ethics and commitment to the profession of education. He is highly respected by his peers and the teaching community. Mr. Azevada is intelligent, organized, and thoughtful. He is in charge of technology at Oak Ridge High School (ORHS). He has led the rollout of two technologies including the replacement of smartboards by smart tv’s as well as the transition from scantron assessments to a digital model called GradeCam. Mr. Azevada also manages the ORHS athletic program of 1,300 athletes of whom are supported at matches by 2,400+ students. Under the leadership of Mr. Azevada and the school’s Athletic Director, they created a student leadership team that took ownership of student behavior at sporting events. These students have taken leadership of their cheering section to ensure the highest standard of sportsmanship is maintained. Mr. Azevada has served as a mentor to new teachers and administrators over the course of the last three years. He has established a highly effective 2-year program for all new teachers to ensure their success. He is also a mentor to all new administrators.

Joyce Walker, Nutrition Services Supervisor, was recognized as the Classified Leader Region 2 Administrator of the Year. Mrs. Walker has a global vision of education. Every day she comes to work to serve young people and to support their desire to learn. She never loses sight of her role in the bigger goal of educating our youth. Mrs. Walker understands how vital the Nutrition Services of our District are to our mission of teaching and learning and her primary concern is always how to feed as many students as possible, so they can learn that day. She has had to manage many emergencies in her long career as a Nutrition Services Supervisor. Whether it is managing power safety shutdowns, broken water mains, and crashing computer networks, she finds a way to succeed every day. She understands that if students cannot eat, they cannot learn. There has never been a time that Mrs. Walker didn’t find a way to overcome the challenge presented to her and find a way to feed her students. She is the epitome of a professional and an educator and has the highest moral character. Her motives are pure and easy to ascertain. She is a strong leader of her team. Her team respects her and relies on her leadership. She models sincerity, kindness, respect, and professionalism. She is a prominent and respected figure at ORHS.

Serena Fuson, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, was recognized as the Confidential Employee Region 2 Administrator of the Year. Mrs. Fuson has done an amazing job of supporting the District’s commitment to quality education, student achievement and helped propel the District’s vision of learning to the school community. She promotes the success of all students through her application of the District newsletter, website, social media, and print media that support, nurture and sustain a positive school culture and highlight instructional programs that focus on student achievement and learning. Her acumen and social media savvy, public relations statements, and managing of the messaging of the District work is exceptional. As part of the management team, Mrs. Fuson is focused on helping to advance the initiatives that the District and sites are taking to create a safe, efficient and effective learning environment by promoting and highlighting school programs that are being put in place by each of the site principals and administrative teams. Mrs. Fuson is one of the District’s masters of technology and is able to navigate new platforms that help the District more effectively manage communication to the community through a variety of means. She is constantly learning how to use this as a model of technology infused teaching and learning for the District.

“I’m so proud of the accomplishments of this group of educational leaders,” Superintendent Ron Carruth said. “Each has outstanding character and commitment to the success of our students and works respectfully with our amazing staff, students and community.”