Fresh Fruits on Pleasant Valley road to Brag About

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 16, 2018 / comments

I drove by a Farm and fresh produce stand on Pleasant Valley road that a friend had bragged about having strawberries to die for...  Well with that kind of review I had to stop.  It was as good as claimed, if not better.  We got strawberries, blackberries, cucumbers, and more. The lady did not speak great English, but I could tell right away that she loved her fruits.  She understood our questions and knew what we wanted.  She handled and looked at the fresh fruits and vegetables like they were her works of love that she was sharing with us. Not like a standard retail transaction.

Then I found this note among the wonderfully ripened take homes:

Thank you for visiting Saefong Family Farms. Without you, we would not have this opportunity today so we appreciate and value your business. 

San and Moung Saefong were refugees from Thailand in 1991 and Sacramento happened to be one of the hubs that we our people were able to immigrate to. During the Vietnam War, our family was living in Laos at that time and the Miens (that us) and Hmongs fought alongside the Americans and when we were being killed off one by one by the communist, many of us fled south to Thailand and sought asylum. It took several years to get our paper work in order to move to the United States, the land of the free where we can practice religion, culture and financial independence. 

Today we are Americans. We have 5 children and they are outstanding citizens with college degrees; with one serving as a soldier in the US Army stationed in Korea, another that is a business owner in Diamond Springs and the other 3 are bankers in Anchorage, AK. Please pardon our English, we know 5 languages and English is by far one of the hardest to learn. We will be building better infrastructure to better serve you and the community. We are committed on working hard every day and night to make sure that this farm is a success. Again, thank you for your business and come back soon. 


Address: 1589 Pleasant Valley Rd, Placerville, CA 95667


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