GDPUD Auburn Lake Trails easement in question says Lawyer

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 11, 2018 / comments

[Freda D. Pechner]

The court decided that GDPUD did not have an easement, it had an “irrevocable license” in a location to be established by a jury.  I hope with the change of GDPUD board, this matter will resolve.  

As of now, GDPUD is not a party in the action; under the judgment, it has no rights to my client’s property.  Now that the rains have started, unless we settle this case, as I discussed with Cindy Garcia before the election, the 2007 water pipeline on Jean’s property will be removed.  

I intend to inform the residents of Auburn Lake Trails that if the dispute is not resolved, as of Feb. 1, they won’t be getting water when they turn on their faucets, unless, of course, GDPUD starts the water going through the existing Kaiser Siphon, or puts in a new line exactly where the Kaiser Siphon is located.  Their choice, but it will certainly be much, much cheaper to just buy the right to the property from my client, who is still willing to settle, than build a new water pipeline.

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