Georgetown Residents expect Prescribed Fire scheduled for October 24th

by Placerville Newswire / Oct 22, 2018 / comments

[County Supervisor Michael Ranalli]
Amador/ Eldorado Unit- Growlersburg Camp 5440 Longview Lane, Georgetown, CA 95634 Georgetown Residents (Longview Lane, Reservoir Court and Reservoir Road) Prescribed Fire scheduled for October 24th, 2018 

Amador/ Eldorado Unit- Growlersburg Camp is planning to conduct a prescribed fire operation on Wednesday, October 24th from 10am to 4pm. The burning will be conducted on 25 acres within interior portions of the camp property (80acres). Prescribed fire "best practices" will be used for removing and eliminating understory vegetation by the useful application of "low intensity, backing fire". This process will support the future health of the forest fuels and reduce the threat of catastrophic fire. This is a critical, cost effective plan for on-going management of the land. 

There will be numerous firefighting crews assigned to the project including our own hand crews, engines and officers to ensure that our objectives are met while providing the highest level of safety. We will: 

• Work within the parameters of the established burn prescription.

• Coordinate our activit. with the local fire departments and they will be assisting if available.

• Monitor the weather hourly and will cease burning if conditions warrant.

• File for the appropriate permits from the county.

• Work quickly to minimize the impacts of smoke to the neighborhood. 

We want to continue to maintain our relationships with our neighbors and community by providing early advisement and thorough description of our intent. Please call 530.333.4385 with any issu. or concerns regarding this week's activities. 

Mike Webb, Cal Fire Division Chief.