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by Placerville Newswire / Mar 12, 2018 / comments


California - Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) was honored to receive the endorsement of the California Republican Assembly (CRA), the oldest and largest volunteer organization chartered by the California Republican Party. Delegates to the CRA voted unanimously to endorse Bailey over his Republican opponent who also spoke before the group during the general session on Saturday. 

Dellinger Files For Recorder-Clerk In El Dorado County

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 12, 2018 / comments

[Bob Conover]

El Dorado County voters may be asked to raise hotel room taxes

[Mark Anderson, Sacramento Business Journal]

The TOT rate in Placerville is 10 percent. South Lake Tahoe charges 12 percent in most of the city and 14 percent in its redevelopment zone. About 51 percent of the revenue currently raised by El Dorado County's TOT is used for tourism promotion and economic development, with the rest used for other ...

El Dorado County voters may be asked to raise the room tax on the county's lodgings from 10 percent to 12 percent.

The county's supervisors are scheduled to vote Tuesday on whether to place the tax hike on the November ballot. Raising the room tax would require the approval of two-thirds of county voters.

The tax hike would raise an additional $740,000 a year, according to a report from the Board of Supervisors' staff, which recommends putting the tax hike before voters ...



Elect Mike Owen Invites locals to Pollock Pines Meet-n-Greet

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[Elect Mike Owen Auditor-Controller 2018]


"More Date Changes! Take a Raincheck!

Attention El Dorado County Voters! We’re announcing a Raincheck for Mike Owen’s Campaign Meet and Greet for tonight!

Due to the much needed snowfall in Pollock Pines, we’ve moved tonight’s planned event to next Tuesday March 20th. It will still be held at the Gold Ridge Forest Clubhouse from 6 to 8pm.

Campaign Complaint Filed Against county Auditor Joe Harn

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[Cris Alarcon]

A complaint has allegedly been filed against candidate Joe Harn related to campaign monies being spent on non-campaign expenses, in violation of FPPC regulations.  The complaint comes from a known reliable source, but we are awaiting a FIA request to be processed by the FPPC to confirm this report. 

The complaint filed reads as: