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You get to your local dispensary. You present your ID. Where does that information go, who has the right to see it, and could the federal government decide to bring criminal charges against you?

Those are some of the questions taken up by the people at Politifact this week. They spoke to industry experts, attorneys, and a number of the California dispensaries dolling out recreational and/or medical marijuana.

The entire explainer is worth checking out. But here are just a few things you should know.

1. There is nothing in the law that requires the dispensary to retain your personal information for non-delivery orders. But there’s no law barring it either.

2. As a matter of practice, most dispensaries Politifact spoke to do retain customer information.

3. You’re being videotaped as soon as you walk into a dispensary. It’s the law.

4. Nearly all experts agree that federal prosecution of individuals purchasing marijuana is extremely unlikely. However, it’s theoretically possible. Medical marijuana customers are even less likely to be targeted.

5. Other states have privacy controls in place that California currently lacks. In Oregon, for instance, it is illegal for marijuana retailers to store or share customer information. Similar protections could one day come to California. But, so far, no such bills have been proposed. ...


South Lake Tahoe Residents Crowd Into Another Meeting to Voice Concerns About Vacationers


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE -- In South Lake Tahoe Monday afternoon, there was another almost full house of people asking the county to do something about out of control vacation rental properties.
South Lake Tahoe is an area known for its beauty. Many have moved there for some peace and quiet.

But lately, it’s becoming known for something very different -- a place to party.

“The most dominant issue has been noise," said Michael Ranalli, who ...


Update - Workshop Regarding US 50 at Ponderosa Interchange Project

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 08, 2018 / comments


Sexual Harassment Cost Sen Ted Gaines Chief Of Staff His Job, But did it?

[Bob Moffitt, Capital Public Radio News]

Stephen Davey was forced out of state Sen. Ted Gaines’ office in February 2016 amid allegations of sexual harassment. But the political campaigns of Gaines and his wife, former Assembly member Beth Gaines, have continued to pay his former chief of staff.

Since Davey was put on paid administrative leave December 2015, they have compensated him and his company with more than $259,000.  

According to the Secretary of State's website, Ted Gaines’ 2016 state Senate campaign has paid Davey and his firm, Capitol Tech Solutions, a total of $132,563.

Ted Gaines is currently campaigning for a Board of Equalization seat. That campaign fund has paid out $57,488 to the former chief and his firm.

When asked for comment, Gaines’ office released a statement that Davey was undergoing "personal challenges" at the time, and the senator “decided to counsel him and allow him to earn money by providing some services."  

Sen. Gaines says Davey “adamantly denied” the allegations, but the senator terminated his employment, anyway. “I made the decision to ask Mr. Davey to separate from my Senate office,” he wrote in a statement.

Genie Harrison is an attorney who testified at the Assembly's hearing on sexual harassment in December. She criticized the Gaines’ decision to keep Davey on payroll. "My argument as a plaintiff's sexual harassment attorney is that Gaines thinks that Mr. Davey's services are more important than protecting additional potential victims," she said.

Ted Gaines’ campaign funds paid Davey an additional $15,566 while the chief of staff was on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a Senate human resources investigation. There was at least one complaint from someone outside the office, and staff members substantiated the claim.

Beth Gaines’ 2016 campaign for El Dorado County supervisor paid Davey and his company $53,646.94.

Harrison says the Gaineses could be taken to court if Davey has harassed anyone else while in their employ.

"You are inviting the liability that occurs if that person continues to sexually harass and victimize others. You can't say you weren't warned," she ...


SLT City Manager on "indefinite leave." Fire chief steps in as acting manager

[South Tahoe Now]

The South Lake Tahoe City Council announced today that City Manager Nancy Kerry is on indefinite leave. 

South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue Chief Jeff Meston has been appointed as the acting City Manager.

Kerry has been with the City since 2008, working in various departments and moving into the City Manager position August 21, 2012 "City Council will not be making any additional comments to respect Ms. Kerry’s privacy," according to a press release ...