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Special Meeting of the Board of Supervisors today in SLT

by Placerville Newswire / May 02, 2018 / comments

[Sue Novasel, District V Supervisor]

We will be holding the Special Meeting of the Board of Supervisors regarding Vacation Home Rentals on Wednesday, May 2nd at 6:00 p.m. at South Tahoe Middle School. 

At this time, the Board will be looking at eight revisions to the current Ordinance: 

Feinstein drops opposition to legal pot, giving legal marijuana a new ally

[KATE IRBY. Img: photo, Nicole Gross plays with her son]

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a longtime opponent of legalizing recreational marijuana, now says the federal government should not interfere in California's legal marijuana market.

In comments to McClatchy Tuesday — in the middle of a 2018 campaign for her seat in a state that has settled into the legal pot market — the California Democrat said she was open to considering federal protection for state-legalized marijuana.

Feinstein's office said her views changed after meetings with constituents, particularly those with young children who have benefited from medical marijuana use.

"Federal law enforcement agents should not arrest Californians who are adhering to California law," said Feinstein, who faces a challenge from Kevin de Leon, who's attracting many liberals who see Feinstein as too ...



Homeless Man Sues Sacramento In Federal Court Over ‘Aggressive Panhandling’ Ordinance

[Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio. James "Faygo" Clark and his dog, Cosmo, panhandle in Midtown. Clark, with the help of Legal Services of Northern California and the regional American Civil Liberties Union chapter, is suing Sacramento over its ban of "aggressive panhandling."]

James Clark stands next to his dog, Cosmo, outside N Street Cafe in Midtown. He's been living on the streets for nearly 15 years. Today, he's holding a sign asking for food — and he claims doing this is illegal.

"I am now breaking the law. This is now an arrestable offense after three times being caught, which is hefty fines and plus up to six months in jail,” Clark said.

Sacramento passed an ordinance last November banning "aggressive panhandling.” This means people can no longer solicit money within 30 feet of a bank or ATM, or ask for food or help from anyone dining outside a restaurant. If they do, and they’re cited with an infraction more than a few times within six months, they could face a misdemeanor.

It’s not clear whether the city has ...



Popular El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini Endorses Mike Owen for Auditor-Controller

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 30, 2018 / comments


Final design for South Lake Tahoe rec center on hold pending VHR Ballot vote

[Claire Cudahy, Tahoe Daily Tribune]

The future of a new community recreation center in South Lake Tahoe is uncertain due to an anticipated ballot measure in November that could phase out hundreds of vacation home rentals in the city.

In November 2016, South Lake Tahoe voters passed Measure P, a citywide increase of the transient occupancy tax (TOT) by 2 percent with funds earmarked for a new recreation complex.

The measure, which raised the hotel tax to 12 percent in most of the city and 14 percent in the redevelopment area, was estimated to generate $2 million annually.

But with the threat of a November ballot measure that asks voters whether vacation rentals outside the tourist core — currently capped at 1,400 — should be phased out over a three-year period, the scope of the project is uncertain.

"The city is concerned about the upcoming ballot measure in November regarding vacation home rentals and it would not be prudent to move ahead with the existing plans without ...