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The city of $1000 parking tickets? South Lake Tahoe divided on vacation rental management

[Claire Cudahy, Tahoe Daily Tribune]

If the signatures are validated by the El Dorado County Elections Department, the measure would be on the ballot in November. "For us the issue is zoning and support of neighborhoods, it's not focused on fees and fines and commercializing on neighborhoods," said Bourland. "The fees and fines are ...

It's been four months since South Lake Tahoe implemented stricter rules and steeper fines for its vacation home rental industry. While some residents say it's provided relief by sending a clear message to renters on the rules, others point to the negative national media attention the $1,000 fines have brought to the area.

Toward the end of 2017, City Council adopted regulations that eliminated warnings for violations, bumped fines up to $1,000 for both owner and occupant, restricted cars to paved driveways with no street parking, extended quiet hours, and required bear boxes to be installed by the end of July.

The city also increased its staff for monitoring VHRs and hired a third-party company to handle complaint calls and scan the internet for ...



Study: Tahoe's Airbnb law raking in cash from $2000 parking tickets

[Mike Moffitt, SFG]

South Lake Tahoe's harsh new vacation home rental law was intended to crack down on the late night partying, noise disturbances and bad behavior that is supposedly plaguing the city's residential neighborhoods.

Instead, it's mainly been used to hand out $1,000 parking tickets to mostly respectful visitors for what are often trivial offenses, according to a new Reno Gazette Journal investigation. 

The Gazette Journal looked at complaints filed against nearly 200 properties between Dec. 22 — when the ordinance took effect — and late March. It found that a little more than half of all the complaints made by callers were about parking. Sixty percent of all citations given were for parking violations, resulting in $90,000 in ...



South Lake Tahoe Tree Removal Permits

[Tracy Sheldon]

Do you know who to contact is you want a tree removed from your property? 

Within the Lake Tahoe Basin, there are several fire agencies to assist with tree removal permits. Please refer to the linked chart as to who to call to request a tree removal permit.

For properties located within the City of South Lake Tahoe, call TRPA at (775) 588-4547. Fee is $53 

For properties located within the County, call Lake Valley Fire Protection District at (530) 577-2447. Fee is $75 



Youth Commissioners Host Board of Supervisors and County Superintendent of Schools

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 12, 2018 / comments

[Dina Gentry. Pictured from left to right - Shayan Habibi, Supervisor Brian Veerkamp, Mackaela Pedersen, Everet Frame, Edith Rivera, and Chistian Seldon]

California Fights Wildfires Aggressively—But Prevention Takes a Back Seat

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 11, 2018 / comments

[Julie Cart, PUBLICCEO]

Dave Kinateder has a keen eye for trees. But when Kinateder, a fire ecologist in the Plumas National Forest, surveys a hillside lush with pines, he doesn’t see abundance or the glory of nature’s bounty.

He sees a disaster-in-waiting.

“It’s a ticking time bomb,” he said, gazing across the dense, green carpet of trees near Quincy, a small community high in the northern Sierra Nevada.