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California Fights Wildfires Aggressively—But Prevention Takes a Back Seat

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 11, 2018 / comments

[Julie Cart, PUBLICCEO]

Dave Kinateder has a keen eye for trees. But when Kinateder, a fire ecologist in the Plumas National Forest, surveys a hillside lush with pines, he doesn’t see abundance or the glory of nature’s bounty.

He sees a disaster-in-waiting.

“It’s a ticking time bomb,” he said, gazing across the dense, green carpet of trees near Quincy, a small community high in the northern Sierra Nevada.


[Cal County News]

Having a difficult time keeping track of California’s patchwork of marijuana laws? Fret no more. Southern California News Group has compiled a database of cannabis policies in all 540 city and county jurisdictions in California.

The information is available here.

The database also includes local rankings for ‘marijuana friendliness’ based on a 100-point scale.

By crunching the numbers, the researchers stumbled on some interesting findings:

-- 61 cities and 9 counties had ordinances permitting recreational marijuana dispensaries as of April 6, 2018, but the state had only licensed recreational shops in 39 jurisdictions.

-- Riverside County has the highest number of pot-permissive cities, with six allowing every type of marijuana business licensed by the state.

-- Humboldt, Inyo, Del Norte, and Monterey are among the most permissive unincorporated areas for pot.

-- Surprisingly, however, Humboldt is home to some of the least friendly cities for marijuana.

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City of Placerville Cannabis Workshop

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 06, 2018 / comments

[City of Placerville]

The City Council is exploring options of allowing some types of Cannabis/Marijuana Businesses in the City of Placerville.  The purpose of this workshop will be to explore options and receive input from the Public.  Presentations will be made by the Public Health Institute, and others regarding different aspects of Cannabis.  We will also provide a presentation on the different types of Cannabis businesses that could be legalized.

We welcome your participation and hope to have an open discussion on this topic.

Century-Old Bridge Changes Could Be Big Shift For Placerville


Locals tied to the city's historic charm say updating the Clay Street Bridge would be detrimental to their community.

A century-old bridge in danger of a teardown. The city of Placerville says it isn’t safe and needs to be rebuilt.

But locals tied to the city’s historic charm say updating the Clay Street Bridge would be detrimental to their community.

“It’s the most radical change that’s happened to the historic landscape of this town since Highway 50 came through in the 1950s,” said Kirk Smith, with the Placerville Historic Preservation League...



Homelessness – Do Locals Have the Answers?

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 03, 2018 / comments

[PUBLICCEO, Timothy L. Coyle, consultant specializing in housing issues]