State Assembly 5

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State Assembly District 5 

Candidate picture

Candidate picture


Frank Bigelow (Rep) -- Rancher, businessman, assemblyman

Robert Carabas (Dem) Retired

Age 62

California’s County Jails in the Era of Reform

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Originally posted at the Public Policy Institute of CA.
By Ryken Grattet, Sonya Tafoya, Mia Bird, and Viet Nguyen.

Placerville Roads and New Tax is Discussed by Locals

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On September 25, Phil Veerkamp wrote: "It is alleged that PLACERVILLE'S INFRASTRUCTURE is crumbling. I believe those allegations. Placerville's Capital Improvement Plans over the years have not kept apace with the projected expiration of the useful lifetimes of the water and sewer lines. Nor are many Placerville streets and sidewalks in proper repair. Placerville has not been "proactive" in replacing aging infrastructure. Proposed tax increases to fund these issues predictably fail.

Everything you need to know about the first presidential debate

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By Lisa Hagen - Monday’s debate will be the first showdown between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as polls tighten with fewer than 50 days until the election. 

It's expected to be one of the most-watched debates in history, so here's everything you need to know about the highly anticipated match-up. 

What time does it start? 
The debate begins at 9 p.m. EST. and is scheduled to last for 90 minutes, with no breaks. 

A Moment of Truth for Presidential Debate Moderators

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The 1976 Democratic presidential nominee, Jimmy Carter, left, and President Gerald Ford, during their second debate in October of that year. CreditTeresa Zabala/The New York Times

By; Jim RutenbergMEDIATOR  --  If this hasn’t been the worst year ever for truth in politics, I can’t think of what was. Nor can anyone tell me.