Opinion: Hillary is bottom of the barrel, Trump is bottom of the barrel, is this what political money bought and offered up to us?

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Is the Trump Train is Teetering off the Tracks?


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By Dan Dellinger -- As a long-time campaign professional who has won a few races, I look at political conventions from a coach’s perspective rather than a partisan fan enjoying the game from the seats.  Like the World Series and Super Bowl, our national party conventions have become grand spectacles, but how well did they accomplish their real purpose?  Did these conventions achieve the five basic goals?

Political Opinions - In acceptance speech, Trump’s America is a dark and desperate place

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Donald Trump speaks during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Thursday. (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

By Dana Milbank, CLEVELAND. It was a grand old party at Quicken Loans Arena on Thursday night.

Lawsuit seeks to prevent Loop Road ballot question in South Lake Tahoe this November (updated)

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Editor’s note: Laurel Ames, John Cefalu, Bill Crawford and Bruce Grego, according to the lawsuit, are named as “real parties in interest” because they “are the proponents of the initiative measure at issue” and because of “their interest in the subject matter of this litigation.” The only defendant in the case is the City of South Lake Tahoe, per court documents filed July 14; legal action is being taken against the city only.

Commentary - Donald Trump’s RNC Speech Was a Terrifying Display of Nightmarish Authoritarianism

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The GOP presidential nominee had only one solution to every problem: Give him more power.
Peter Suderman | Jul. 22, 2016 8:01 am

Donald Trump's speech accepting the Republican nomination was easily the most overt display of authoritarian fear-mongering I can remember seeing in American politics. The entire speech was dark and dystopian, painting America as a dismal, dangerous place beset by violent outsiders. In response to the nation's problems, Trump had only one solution: Donald Trump, the strongman who would take America back, by force if necessary.