Hog Exhibitors Prep for Three Different Jigs in the Muddy Waters of 2020

by Placerville Newswire / May 20, 2020 / comments

[Jody Gray, EDCFAIR CEO]

A letter from Jody Gray regarding adapting to uncertainties in changing COVID caused State Restrictions.

The one thing that we do know: We will have this on Saturday, June 20 and we will have an online Auction that weekend. Which scenario plays out, will depend on what Stage we are in and what we are allowed to do for the safety of our County. 

This is all based on what Stage we are in for the County to allow us to have which kind of show. I have been in communication with the County CAO, County Supervisor and the County Health Officer. 

This has been a challenging year and we all have had to make changes to how we do things. I have been so pleased and appreciative of all of the parents, exhibitors and volunteers (JLA Committee) that have been so positive and working so hard together to make this happen for our youth (our future). We need to continue to showcase our community and the support that we have here in El Dorado County. 

BEST CASE SCENARIO will look like this: 

Saturday, June 20:6 AM - 9 AM, Load in, one vehicle at a time, Hog/s will be checked by a qualified staff member or veterinarian to ensure the health of the hog/s. 
They will get weighed, then put in their pen. Pens may not be decorated. The show will not begin until Noon, giving the exhibitors plenty of time to use the new wash racks and get ready for their classes. 

There will be NO spectators, only 2 parents from each family will be allowed, in order to keep our social distancing and number of people to a minimum. No siblings that are not exhibiting, no grandparents, etc. The shows will most likely be shown live on Facebook or some sort of application. 

Hogs will show in Conformation and Showmanship. After the show, hogs that hove been deemed Market Ready and declared to sell will be fed by exhibitors and left at Fairgrounds. 

There will be a Hog Leader that will stay at the Fairgrounds to care for the hogs until the hauler picks them up on Monday early Morning. Exhibitors MUST bring a feed pan and 5 (gallon baggies) of feed for Saturday night and 2 feedings on Sunday.
Hogs that were "sifted" due to weight, health or Not Market Ready, will be removed from the Fairgrounds as soon as possible, no later than 8 PM Saturday night. 

If on exhibitor has a Steer, Lamb, Goat or Rabbit that they would rather sell in the July Show and Sale, they may pull their Hog and not sell it. That decision MUST be mode on Saturday after the conclusion of the shows. 

The Hogs will be sold online, see Fair website for details: ht.ps://eldo,docountyfair.org/hvestock html 

In order to show and sell, the exhibitors MUST turn in their Drug Residue Declarations, COVID Waiver and Online Sale Agreement. 

WORST CASE SCENARIO will look like this: 

Families will be given time slots to arrive at the Fairground on Saturday, June 20. 
The exhibitor will bring only ONE hog and only hogs that they plan to sell. Only one person from the vehicle may exit and unload their animal.
A qualified staff member or Veterinarian will verify the health of the hog, the hog will be weighed, the judge will judge for quality, confirming Market Ready.
The hogs will go to their pens and the exhibitor will leave a feed pan and enough feed (gallon baggies) to cover the feedings through Sunday night. If a hog is sifted, due to weight, health or is not market ready, it will return to its trailer and hauled home. 

The animals will be hauled out Monday morning. 

MODIFIED VERSION OPTION an in between version of best & worst case scenarios If we cannot do our Best Case Scenario and we don't have to do our Worst Case Scenario, we will hove a modified version, in between, where we will either limit hogs to one, limit family members to one parent, not have Showmanship, only conformation, etc. 
Those decisions will be made as we get closer. Since this is so fluid, we cannot make decisions about detail this for out. So, please be patient as we navigate these uncharted waters. 

Please feel free to contact me for any questions that you or the parents may have. Thank you 4H Program Representative (Denise) and FFA Advisors (Britta, Bret, Andi & Stacy) for your help in making this auction happen, 
- Jody Gray, CEO