by Placerville Newswire / Jan 18, 2017 / comments

EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) – A homeowner watched and ran as his pine tree uprooted among heavy winds.

“This is crazy. Nothing like I’ve ever seen. Look at this, look at the ground,” Dave Stroncak said while looking in disbelief.

Saturated roots and wicked winds took both this massive pine and even Dave by storm.

“I tried to tie my tarp down because the wind was blowing so hard this way. So I’m tying this last one to the trailer here when I saw this whole ground lift up. I mean it lifted up like for 4 feet and went back down and I thought, ‘That tree is going to go!’ So I ran around like crazy to the front and when I got there the tree fell down,” he said.

It landed right on the corner of his neighbor’s home who just moved in.

He said not quite the welcoming to the neighborhood he had hoped for.

“We are lucky because it’s a huge tree if it were to come this way it would’ve taken out our house. So we’re lucky, well we’re not lucky it could’ve fallen maybe a little bit more left and missed their house,” he said.

Another house down the street was also smacked with high winds toppling a tree onto the home next door.

Dave has lived off of Shasta Circle since 1981 and said this winter has certainly packed a punch.

Emergency crews say all this rain has caused the ground to weaken which makes it easy for tall trees to rip straight out of the ground.

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