I watched a heart attack and had no idea what I was looking at

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 28, 2020 / comments

[Cris Alarcon. IMG: Carole V. McNeill with Sheriff John D'Agostini]

About 5 years ago I got a call from a friend in Cameron Park and she asked if I could get her and drive the kids home. She said she felt faint and was afraid to drive home....

A friend, but not the close friend that would call out-of-the-blue, from miles away, and ask a guy to drive her car and watch her grandkids... So I was immediately alerted. Sherri and I jumped in a car and headed from Placerville to the gas station in Cameron Park.  I saw her immediately standing outside her car with young kids inside. She wanted to go home because she was just at the gastrologist and had BAD HEARTBURN.. She wanted to go home because she explained to me this was not her First Time and that smoking a cigarette always worked!!!

I was totally ignorant of how heart attacks looked like in females -- I got a crash course...

Some Parent had come to retrive the kids but had to get back ASAP. We took care of Carole (Motorcycle Stunt Drive when she was younger) Many know Carole Verite McNeill.

When we made the quick drive to her house she found a cigarette right away and smoked it calmly.  Resting to catch her breath. 

But the Cigarette therapy was not working and she felt more tense and more nauseated so we took her to her regular primary care doctor - in Roseville.

We drove her to Kaiser in Roseville not understanding the urgency. We passed many emergency facilities on the long drive to Kaiser.

As I parked Sherri pushed her in with one of Keiser's giant wheelchairs. It was very crowded. I parked and came right in...to the crowd... But no Sherri or Carole... Afterwards I found out that Sherri read a sign on the wall something like this: 

Chest Pain or Tension & Nausea & Shortness of breath 

By the time I had parked and rushed in they had been rushed into the Cardiac unit as Carole had a heart attack at the Gas Station... and they believed a few more on the way to the Hospital !!!

Don't forget about the Cigarette break she took first, before going to the hospital...

In a twist of fate, Carole's Son and Daughter-in-law have the same names, Chris & Sheri.
She was calling them, but got us as we had the same names in her cell phone.
We were closer and things turned out well. We still see Carol on the road. God Bless her.

### Carole said just last week:

"Cris Alarcon and Sherilyn M. Lum-Alarcon I will never forget that day. When I saw you at the gas station, I didn't understand why you were there but I knew that God had sent you. That was my last cigarette. I knew the girl at the gas station, I was leaving my pack there and I was going twice a day to smoke one cigarette, trying to quit. That day I was on the hwy 50 with my granddaughter [x], I knew I was going to faint. I remember that in your car I gave you my KP number lol. [x] remembers that and you both. Thank you my friends, I've been so blessed to have all that time, to have the privilege to be a STAR serving the Community (love that photo), and to be able to homeschool [x] and [x]."

I watched a heart attack and had no idea what I was looking at..

There is a need for ALL to understand that women and men show symptoms of a heart attack differently.
A Life and Death kind of need.

Thank you Marcella Fox for bringing this very important video to my attention.