ICU for One County Coronavirus Patient - Terms Defined

by Placerville Newswire / May 26, 2020 / comments


County Announces ICU-Hospitalization included within the 23 "Active" Coronavirus county resident cases.

“Active Cases” increase to 23 as new cases increased faster than recoveries.

Terms Explained:

"Tested" is the number test results reported [not those tested and awaiting results]

"Confirmed" is the cumulative number of individuals who have been reported to the County as having tested positive for COVID-19.

"Active" are the number tested positive and still with Symptoms.

"Recovered" are the number of individuals who have tested positive (and therefore captured in the Confirmed group) whose cases have been tracked by County Public Health and deemed as no longer actively ill (72 hours of no fever w/o aid of medications, re reduction in the respiratory symptoms AND at least seven days from the first appearance of symptoms).

The Incubation period for Coronavirus is between 2 and 14 days. On average, symptoms appear around 5 days after exposure. 1

United States COVID-19 mortality rate is 1.3%, that is one (1) death in every seventy-eight (78) confirmed cases.2 

El Dorado County has now reached 80 cases 3

The chart below shows the Rate of Increase in confirmed Coronavirus cases in El Dorado County annotated with external local events related to Coronavirus.

Annotated Rate of Growth chart


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