Inmate at Folsom State Prison fixes scavenged bikes for kids


... is 69 percent socioeconomically disadvantaged,” said Patrick Paturel, a principal Louisiana Schnell Elementary School, located in Placerville ...

An inmate at Folsom State Prison is fixing up scavenged bikes for underprivileged children to use, The Sacramento Bee reported today.

Mauricio Argueta has put in thousands of hours at the prison’s bike repair shop, according to the article, and now several children in El Dorado County will get free bikes as a result. He spends 60 hours a week at the repair shop and fixes hundreds of bicycles each year.

“It’s really hard because it’s just me doing it,” Argueta told the Bee. “It’s a little tough, but I love doing this and it’s a good experience.”

The bicycle restoration program at Folsom was organized in the 1980s by the Cameron Park Rotary Club and ...