Insurance fraud nets $124,601 restitution order

[Telegraph Staff]

Johnny Sparkles Cleaning Services, Inc. owners John and Theresa Kipilo were convicted of multiple counts of felony Worker's Compensation Fraud and Tax Evasion by the El Dorado County District Attorney and now have a steep restitution order.

The convictions arise from unlawful business practices occurring from 2014 through 2017. Throughout this nearly four-year period of time, the Kipilos failed to properly report employee payroll and job classifications to four separate insurance carriers resulting in close to $100,000 worth of unpaid insurance premiums.

The Kipilos also failed to pay more than $40,000 worth of payroll taxes during this same time period.

The Kipilos were placed on four years felony, supervised probation and are required to pay back $124,610 in restitution to ...