Iron Horse High School with an athletic pavilion to host tournament play (opinion)

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 28, 2018 / comments


I had an opportunity to speak with about 50 people at the Area Planning Advisory Committee on July 11 and will now review those remarks. The topic was about building the Iron Horse High School campus on a 192 acre land parcel just south of the El Dorado Hills business park. The El Dorado Union High School District purchased this land about 10 years ago with the goal of building a new high school in 2017-18.

The vision is to build the high school with an athletic pavilion that would host tournament play. The high school would include an International swim center, a performing arts facility, and an indoor sports facility that would be large enough to host 72 wrestling teams, basketball courts, volleyball and indoor soccer would be used for youth during the week but available for tournament play on the weekends.

As we walk from Iron Horse High School to the athletic pavilion we see 20 soccer fields, 12 baseball diamonds, 12 tennis courts, 12 sand pit volleyball courts, with a river running through the entire facility creating a park like atmosphere, including chess tables, pickle ball courts and off course a complete baby sitting service.

Why have such a pavilion in El Dorado Hills? The answer is that we can create a very favorable economic atmosphere here that does not require building a bunch of homes. Besides paying entry fees on a per team basis, tournament play also creates income to the area by marketing to the first round losers who will have the opportunity to go snow skiing, river rafting, Hiking, water skiing and wine tasting. Yes there really is a lot to do in El Dorado County.

We still need a financial analysis of this program but before we do we need to launch the El Dorado Hills xityhood effort. After all there is no need to increase the counties demands for money using the net neutrality agreement between the county and our new city with the increased income from the Iron Horse athletic pavilion.

Let me mention a few of the income enhancements that come from the Iron Horse project. First, El Dorado Hills have a transit occupancy fee that is 10 person of the room rate for the hotel rooms. We increase the hotel usage because hotels notoriously have lots of empty rooms on the weekends. No longer. El Dorado Hills will also increase its restaurant business, movie business, and Town Center will get a boost that it so sorely needs. From Thursday evening until Sunday morning business will be much improved.

Folks, its time for the residents of El Dorado Hills to determine their own future or we can continue to have the county syphon off our funds and support the districts that vote against our interests. The cityhood effort will promote running on low bid contracts rather than government employees. Thank you Area Planning Advisory Committee for hosting this event.


El Dorado Hills