Jefferson Movement Enters Next Phase for Statehood (51st State)

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 08, 2016 / comments

[by Ms. Terry Gherardi]  On July 23, approximately 600 people, representing a little over one-third of California Counties (21 counties), gathered in Yuba County for the First State of Jefferson Formation Assembly, to begin the next phase in the Jefferson Movement's quest for representation and statehood.

Since January 6th, thousands upon thousands of phone calls, emails, faxes and letters have gone out to State senators and assembly members, with requests to author and/or support legislation for the return of the fair representation that existed in the State prior to 1964. All requests have gone ignored, except for a few responses or acknowledgement that these calls or letters from their constituents were received.

Frustration also continues for many rural residents who feel their senator or assemblyman has ignored or been absent in response to critical issues that are occurring in the counties that they were elected to represent. The effort by the Jefferson Movement, here in California, echoes the tone that is being vocalized across our nation during this Presidential election year.

This was widely expressed at the recent Formation Assembly, leading to the formation of numerous committees, to include the drafting of the Declaration, State Constitution, legislation and creating the model for the governance of the 51st State.

All continue to agree, that the new State can be managed and operated with approximately 50 agencies and departments, compared to the 570 that currently exist in the California State government. Proposals include, the election of one State senator to represent each county. At the present time, 11 counties in the Northern region, have one (1) senator, while Los Angeles County has 15 senators for one (1) county.

Other proposals for the new State include a part time legislature, each of whom will be limited to submit one bill a year. In the last couple of years, the California State legislature has passed 800 to 900 laws each year, leading to more taxes, regulations and a larger government that imposes more costly State mandates to county governments. Jeffersonian's believe that decisions on expenditures of local tax dollars should not be made at the State level, they should be made under the leadership of local government.

This is why recognition and support continues to grow for the State of Jefferson. Those attending the First Formation Assembly reiterated their dedication & commitment that affirms the progress they have achieved over the last couple of years, all thanks to the residents of the 21 counties. On July 23, all agreed that the emails, letters and phone calls will continue and the process for statehood will be expedited, using all means allowed under the U.S. Constitution.

The second Formation Assembly will be held in October. In the meantime, Town Halls and other events will continue throughout the 21 Northern rural counties. More information is available on the Jefferson website,