John Devito of Placerville arrested for Stalking

by Placerville Newswire / Sep 20, 2017 / comments

[El Dorado County Sheriff's Office]

Over the past 6 months, El Dorado County Sheriff's deputies have taken a number of reports where an unknown male was calling females and making rude, sexually suggestive comments on the phone. While on the phone, the females could hear the sounds of sexual activity in the background. During these calls, the male was moaning and at times saying the woman's name.

El Dorado County detectives were able to identify the suspect, as 43 year old John Devito, of Placerville. Devito was arrested for stalking one of his victims and is currently in custody.

There are several other reported cases that detectives are investigating that may be related. Detectives believe there may be additional victims that have been contacted by Devito, but may have not reported the incident. We are asking anyone with information or who has received similar type calls, please contact El Dorado County Sheriff's Detective Rich Horn at (530) 642-4729.