Ski Patroller Missing 9-Days Near Georgetown

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 11, 2019 / comments


[Positively Kirkwood]

John's remains were recovered this morning (AUG 14th). This brings closure to his Family and Patrol Family. This is a HUGE loss to our community and team. Thank you all for getting information out... we will share the celebration of life information as we get it.. Take a moment today to remember John in your own way, he was "IS" a GREAT GUY! You will be missed Greever!

Maida Parsons [John's Sister] 
This has been devastating but my family appreciates everything you have done. Thank you all for loving John and joining him on his many adventures. He is an awesome dude and I’ll miss him forever.

Brandon Bloodsaw writes, "John was a amazing dude that loved nature and would help you out no matter what. He saved my ass one day at the chuck. Back before everyone was running it. A boat on my trip flipped and went to far left. I jumped on it and was in tough spot. Even though we were working for different companies. He called out Bbbbuuu before bba his throw bag hit me in the chest. He pulled me and my boat to shore. I tracked him down later that night to thank him. I tried to buy him dinner or beer! He refused looked me in the eye said 'No problem because he knew I would do the same' true G!! miss ya brotha."


Original Story


A Kirkwood Mountain Resort, CA ski patroller has been missing since August 3rd, 2019.

John Greever, 38, reportedly left his home in Georgetown, CA on foot at 11:30am on August 3rd.  

According to the Mountain Democrat, John’s sister Robin Waskowiak reports that John was last seen wearing a gray T-shirt, black shorts, and a blue baseball cap.

John is 5’7″, 135lbs.

Robin also reports that search and rescue teams found scent trails of John in the Georgetown Nature Area and on the Wentworth Spring Road.

John Greever grew up in Georgetown, CA.

Anyone with any information about John Greevers whereabouts, please call 530.626.4911.