Lake Tahoe, western tourism: 2015-16 winter a 'dramatic improvement'

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 24, 2016 / comments

[by Sebastian Foltz] With the winter season drawing to a close, all indications point to it having been a strong one across the West.

From snow totals to lodging numbers, it was especially positive at far western destinations from California to British Columbia. Even average snowfall was a welcome change following four drought-impacted seasons, and it was reflected in destination visits.

“It’s clearly a dramatic improvement over last year,” said Tom Foley, director of operations for the Denver-based resort marketing research firm DestiMetrics.

The consulting group announced this week that March showed a 5.2 percent increase in lodging occupancy across the West when compared to the previous year.

Farther west, destinations indicated a much stronger variation, with occupancy up a striking 25.6 percent over March of 2015.

“Last year was dismal,” Foley said, describing the reason for the jump from 2014-15 to this winter. When compared to normal snow years, Foley said lodging numbers this winter were still positive and close to average.

“It’s a fairly good year. It looked much more like a normal year,” he said.

Describing the impact of consistent snow, he added, “Vastly...

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