Latrobe Road Fire Station CLOSED due to Toxic Mold 

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 28, 2016 / comments

LATROBE (CBS13) — Toxic mold has forced a fire station to close in El Dorado County.

Officials say the heavy rains caused mold to grow inside the walls and deemed it unsafe for workers.

The fire station about eight miles from Highway 50 along Latrobe Road is now in question after firefighters smelled intense odors after three weeks of heavy rains.

“They did identify mold in three out of the four walls so we had to evacuate the station,” said fire chief Dave Roberts

It’s forced them out and the fix will likely cost $100 thousand. Something he says might not be worth the investment.

“If it’s determined that the best location is down the road at the five acres down there, we’ll probably look down there at something more permanent,” he said.

But how much will it cost and who’s paying for it?

Chief Roberts says they already have the funds through county development to either fix the problem or build a new fire station and doesn’t expect the taxpayers to pay any addition costs.

Meanwhile, it’s going to take time to figure out.

The closest fire station is about eight miles away, which would largely delay the response time for the 1,100 citizens of Latrobe.

“It’s very important of course especially in the summertime if you have fires, but it also keeps your insurance rates down,” said resident Arthur Cory.

He owns the hall next to the fire building, so instead of shutting down, he’s offered it to the fire department to use in the intermittent time.

“It should at least be as good as the old volunteer fire department,” he said.

Chief Roberts says since Latrobe was annexed into El Dorado County, they’ve actually increased services. Now they have a full-time staff during the day and come June, they hope to have it staffed 24 hours a day.. And thanks to Cory, the emergency services will continue.

“It will be exactly like it always has been,” Roberts said. “The response will be quick and the residents shouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

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