Local history about "Open Marriage" and land-splits to lovers...

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 07, 2019 / comments

[Cris Alarcon]

6556 Motherlode [Old Hwy 50]. I was a later-comer (1977) but I was told some stories by local old-timers.

We bought from Selma Fergison, the widow of John White. My step father was Loyal Sisemore and he owned across Lindberg. [about 6565].

1) I wondered if there was a Golf Course where Lindberg was. The development of Lindberg off old Hwy 50 [Motherlode] is in the planning books as "Golf Course Terrace." Loyal explained to me that his dad and the developer {I recall his name was Lindberg but I don't know} would stand at Loyal's house and practice driving swings! Driving golf balls South into the natural valley that is now overlayed by Lindberg. That they used to laugh as different lots were built, wondering how many golf balls they would be found while doing the earth work. There never was a golf course at Golf Course Terraces development, just a place a couple of guys getting drunk would hit used golf balls for practice. (I never heard how they got so many balls)

2) I don't know why but Selma took it on herself to tell me the history of the land for prepurpatude. The buildings, the plants, and the history. She found someone that many years later could tell stories.

So here goes - a real Peyton Place...

Get ready as I tell how All the lots around were one lot 100 years ago and then Zorra split off pieces to give to live-by boyfriends during the Flapper era in an "Open Marriage: to John White...

Here is how John's Widow put it down for the record. John met Zorra, a Dancer. (Supposed Flapper) and married her in an open marriage that specifically allowed extramarital sexual relationships. SHE was the lady and she had a few guys she really liked.

The corner was one of those, The pie-shaped piece left over from the Hwy realignment the Property of the Senior home, and the large lot to the immediate South (Selma pointed out to me as she told me) were split-off and given to her favored boyfriends!

Selma went on to tell me that the old house was this big (she showed me the kitchen and two small bedrooms and small bath) this the old house. That when road was the Highway John oped a Garage and she showed me the heavy beams in the garage for lifting engines. That he also enlarged the house to include the living room ans wrap-around porch "for customers to sit on and drink lemonade while waiting" for garage servicing!

She then explained that Zorra passed and John got so old he needed a physical therapist, and that was her! John than built the back area as a PT room at about 800 sqft under Selma's direction (for his full time help as she moved in)

She soon married him before he passed away...

She was unabashed and looked me straight in the eye as she told me this. I was a young child. I take it that she was making a record. For decades since many things supported the stories and nothing ever countered them.

The things that went on on the Mother Lode...