Local Judge Campaigns for California Attorney General

by Placerville Newswire / Oct 26, 2017 / comments


What people are saying about local Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) campaign for California attorney general in the 2018 election:

Luis Alvarado.

"It is time! That we have an Attorney General in California to protect the interest of our people first, and not be partisan soldiers. Recently retired Supreme Court Justice Steven Bailey will make that office work for justice. Focusing on victims rights, and not Washington D.C. Political feuds."

Jason Scalese.

"Judge Steven Bailey, candidate for CA Attorney General was honored to receive the endorsement of the California Republican Veterans Association this past weekend at the CA GOP Convention. Judge Bailey worked hard to establish Veteran's Courts in El Dorado County and encourages Veterans all over the state to lobby their counties to do the same, noting they will have a strong ally with him as our next AG."

State Sen. Ted Gaines (R), who has endorsed Bailey.

“I strongly endorse Judge Steven Bailey for attorney general of California. I know public safety will be a top priority for Judge Bailey, including effectively combating the opioid crisis, fighting gang violence and violent crime and ensuring our children and families are safe in their communities. Judge Bailey will not selectively enforce the law as the incumbent and his predecessor have done. He has seen firsthand the results of failed policies handed down from Sacramento and the tragic consequences of hardened criminals being released from our state prisons back into our neighborhoods. We need bold leadership and real action from our next attorney general."  

Mike Reynolds. The author of California’s Three-Strikes sentencing law, has also endorsed Bailey.

“I can wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Judge Steven Bailey for attorney general, who can’t be bought or bullied by strong-arm politicians or special interests,”