Local Marijuana Growers Trade Organization is - Growing

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 16, 2018 / comments

[Cris Alarcon, Placerville Newswire]

As the new industry of legal cannabis emerges in California, a local Trade Organization formed to help organize local growers, the "El Dorado County Grower's Alliance."  The group is promoting the development of the legal cannabis markets in El Dorado County.  The Alliance brings together the power of El Dorado County growers to make a viable legal market, and at the same time assisting in protecting communities from the effects of the illegal Black Market.

It was clear that the organization was taking a market-driven PR approach with the opening statement of, "The Cannabis Community – Building a Stronger Future, Building Communities and Protecting the Rural Agricultural Character of El Dorado County."  Talking with the leaders I learned that they are experienced and professional.  

The Mission of the El Dorado County Growers Alliance is the promotion and protection of the independent farms and businesses in the cannabis industry, the protection of the public health and patient’s rights, the restoration of natural resources and watersheds, and to provide for the welfare of communities and the mutual benefit of public and private interests.  

EDC Growers Alliance "Community Commitment":

 - Protect public health and welfare;

 - Practice sustainable agriculture;

 - Preserve natural resources and watersheds;

 - Advocate for compassionate programs and patient’s rights;

 - Work for the mutual benefit of the community;

 - Support public safety and child/young adult access prevention;

 - Promote well sourced education, information and science;

 - Champion cannabis industry small farms and businesses.


"EDCGA works through political action and public relations to support El Dorado County Cannabis business," says their website.  I had spoken with a few of the organizers and they made it clear that they seek to win the hearts and minds of the voting public, as a necessary first step in building a sustainable industry in the county through legislation.

The group has held a number of organizational meetings, as well as a number of meetings with lawmakers from Tahoe to Placerville, and also at the unincorporated county level.  I attended my first meeting this last Saturday and was surprised by a numbers of things.  First was the disparity in understanding the political process between the Alliance's organizers, and it's growers.  When it came to the growers, I should not have been surprised that they are political novices, but I was more surprised that they did not look like atypical pot-heads, but more like members of a collegiate sports team.  Clean-cut and healthy.

They were reserved at first, like combatants in enemy territory, but soon they felt at easy with like minded people and started expressing their concerns.  Again my assumptions were proven wrong, as the growers spoke I soon realized that they were polite, well spoken, and just regular folks that grew plants.

They expressed the same concerns most people have: how can I live the quality life I want and provide for my family?  How can I be sure that the investments I make now are not lost due to government regulations?  How do I keep taxes and fees low so I can be competitive in the market?  And a concern heard at most trade organizations, "how do we stop the wholesale prices from falling?"

With the political sophistication of the Alliance's organizers, and the energetic enthusiasm of the growers, it look like this is a local trade organization with deep roots ready to grow fast.

They can be found online at: eldoradogrowersalliance.org