Maggie Renfro Remembered by Ron Briggs

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 03, 2017 / comments

[Ron Briggs]

My friend Maggie Renfro (center of the picture) passed on today [Aug 1] after a long bout with cancer.

Maggie WAS the life of any get together. The longer the party the funnier Maggie would be. The ever patient Renfro would smile while carrying on his own conversation with the guys.

I will miss going into her shop, Renfro's on Main Street, full of customers to be greated by " Ron Briggs get your goddamn mangy mutts out of my shop!"

Maggie loved dogs and we both smiled and silently enjoyed the varied reactions of our private gag that brought many of fun reactions.

The best reaction was a lady and daughter who were writing the check for a wedding dress.... about $8,000. After hearing Maggies greating to me, the lady and daughter becamed incensed and closed up the check book and started to walk out..

We were able to let the lady in on the gag , thankfully she had a good sense of humor. Maggie of course had her beautiful ear to ear smile on full display.

I shall miss my friend,

Ron Briggs.