Mark S. Allen Faces Drinking Demons in Placerville Just Hours after Resigning Good Day Sacramento

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 24, 2016 / comments

"Eight hours after Mark S. Allen resigned, on air, from his job with 'Good Day Sacramento,' he faced a theater full of people at a Placerville film-industry event."

New day, sober outlook for Sacramento TV personality Mark S. Allen -- Allen said he is committed to sobriety and helping others.

Former Good Day Sacramento star Mark S. Allen opens up about his DUI recovery and his future to Sacramento Bee reporter Carla Meyer. 

Allen’s March 11 “Good Day” announcement came after his second driving-under-the-influence arrest and subsequent removal from the show by Channel 31 (KMAX). When he agreed to speak at the El Dorado County film office’s annual mixer, he had not anticipated that his resignation – which closely followed his DUI case’s resolution – would fall on the same day.

Many people would have canceled. Holed up. Waited until the dust settled. Allen showed up, looking polished and sounding professional on one of the most rumpled days of his life.

He was honoring commitments, to the event and himself.

Before he regaled the audience with tales of covering the movie business, he addressed his December DUI and resignation. He urged anyone in the audience who might have a problem with alcohol to see him.

Last week, Allen extended similar invitations to fellow inmates at South Placer Jail, where he was spending 12 days as part of his DUI sentence. People recognize him there, he said by phone from the jail. He tries to use his fame for good.

“There are a tremendous amount of people who are here for that reason,” Allen said. “I am not preaching, but I certainly relate to them, and tell them my plans, and make sure they are pointed in the right direction.”

Allen, 51, completed a 30-day rehab...

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