Mass Shootings has Sheriffs Urging Residents to Arm Themselves 

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 13, 2019 / comments

[California County News]

In the wake of three mass shootings that claimed a total of 31 lives, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux has some advice. He sent out the following tweet Wednesday, urging residents with concealed weapons permits to arm themselves.


Mike Boudreaux@MikeBoudreaux4

"I encourage all CCW holders in Tulare County to exercise your rights. Do so legally and only with a valid permit. Secure our communities and protect life by being able to defend ourselves against active shooters, threats to life and those who use guns for criminal behavior."


Reactions to Boudreaux’s tweet were mixed. Some thanked the sheriff for his candidness and support for the Second Amendment.

Gus Lucatero@SpaceRocket0

Replying to @MikeBoudreaux4

"Glad our Sheriff actually allows its citizens a CCW. In some counties like LA and San Fran only the elite qualify."


Replying to @MikeBoudreaux4

"Outstanding Sheriff! Exactly what this country needs right now! We need more law enforcement to stand up and echo these words! Thank you for standing with your community."


Others questioned how more guns would keep the public safe.

Abraham Lopez@DaRealLopeezi

Replying to @MikeBoudreaux4

More guns do not and will not make us safe. More than 30 studies have shown more guns are linked to more violence and homicide: murders rape and others. Far less research show guns help. 1/2

Jeramy Ivener@jivener

Replying to @david4peterson @MikeBoudreaux4

I'm Pro 2nd but Anti-Idiot. Still looking for that one person who can tell me how this would have prevented the 80+ deaths at bars and concerts in the last three years ((Vegas, Thousand Oaks, Dayton)? Not to mention the impact of more alcohol related gun incidents?


When one user asked how police are supposed to differentiate the “good guy with a gun” vs. the “bad guy with a gun” in an active shooter situation, Boudreaux responded.

Jim Reeves@KC6YRU

 · Aug 6, 2019

Replying to @MikeBoudreaux4

Next question: CCW holders at an active shooter scene. How do THEY differentiate, in a crisis while possibly under fire, who is the "bad guy with a gun" and who are fellow "good guy with a gun"? Suddenly in the middle of people shooting. I think this is a horror waiting to happen

Mike Boudreaux@MikeBoudreaux4

Identify Yourself Immediately
In a mass shooting scenario LE are going to be clearing every inch of ground. If they spot you with a gun, police officers will issue you a very stern, not-so-nice warning to drop the gun. Comply Without Hesitation. Good guys comply bad guys don’t.


As controversy over Boudreaux’s tweet spread, another California lawman weighed in.

“Ditto,” Kings County Sheriff David Robinson wrote on Facebook. “Go online and apply. Just be honest with any past shortcomings. Not a big deal.”