Meet Kristen Jensen, Sheriff Technician II

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 29, 2021 / comments

[El Dorado County Sheriff's Office]

PLACERVILLE, Calif, March 29 - The Sheriff’s Office is honored to serve our neighbors and residents of El Dorado County.  And, we want you to know about all the different things we do here at EDSO!

Today’s employee in the “Home, Work, Play” series is Kristen Jensen.  Kristen holds the position of Sheriff Technician II and she has served with EDSO for four years.  

Kristen grew up and still lives in El Dorado County.  Kristen has many animals to include her horse Max, her dogs Red and Paisley, her goat Chief, and her six chickens.  (Second week with LOTS OF ANIMALS!)  

Kristen enjoys BBQing with friends and family and riding her horse.  Kristen also enjoys trips to the river and the beach.  When asked if she was more rural or residential, Kristen said she was “Definitely Rural”.  (I hope so with all those animals.)

As a Sheriff’s Technician in the CCW unit at EDSO, Kristen enjoys putting a face to the voice when she meets the citizens she serves.  Kristen knows the importance of the CCW unit, and she gets satisfaction when CCW applicants finalize the permitting process.  

Growing up Kristen drove her father’s F-250 pick-up.  Kristen loves all types of music and she enjoys reading in her down time. Kristen said she was a straight “A” student growing up and she reports she was a good kid.  (This info will be confirmed Kristen!)

Kristen recently purchased a home a few houses down from her parents’ home where she grew up.  Kristen enjoys Italian food and she hopes to travel overseas someday.  

If you ever talk to Kristen when you call EDSO, let her know you heard her story!  

Thanks for sharing Kristen!.